War “Bam Bam”: 3 Keys to Victory for Brandon Rios

1. Fill Up That CompuBox

Rios vs. Alvarado 1 2

If you look at the CompuBox numbers for Brandon Rios-Mike Alvarado 1 and 2, you see that punches were being thrown at a much higher rate in their first fight.

Both boxers were throwing far less jabs and were landing them at a much lower percentage. They were also both on pace to throw and land significantly more power punches in the first fight than in the second, had the first fight not been stopped in the seventh round.

This is the formula that will result in victory for Rios: Less boxing, more brawling. Less jabbing, more power punches. Cut off the ring and work Alvarado to the body. Throw, throw and throw some more.

Nothing’s more frustrating to a taller/longer boxer than constant pressure while they are moving backwards.

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