War “Bam Bam”: 3 Keys to Victory for Brandon Rios

2. Be The Tougher Man

We know how tough Brandon Rios is. We’ve seen him take a licking and keep on ticking.

Mike Alvarado, on the other hand, has been stopped in two of his three defeats–once by Rios himself and the other against Ruslan Provodnikov, who made Alvarado quit on his stool in front of his home crowd).

I was smiling ear to ear during Rios-Alvarado 1 as I watched Rios yelling over his trainer Robert Garcia’s instructions saying “I love this shit! I love this shit!” That’s the type of mentality that can give Rios a big edge in this fight. Turn it into a war and make sure Alvarado knows how much you love it.

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