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What a Loss Means for Floyd Mayweather’s Legacy Preview

Marcos Maidana v Floyd Mayweather Jr.
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Floyd Mayweather’s legacy is built on the foundation of never losing a professional fight in his 17 year career. It’s why he considers himself to be “TBE,” or “The Best Ever.”

It’s the one thing that he cherishes more than the big boy mansion, his fleet of luxury vehicles, jewelry and entourage of women. The “0,” as it’s referred to sometimes, has given him means to afford such extravagances. It’s the one commonality his fans and haters share; both spend their hard-earned money to see if he remains undefeated.

Time after time, patrons hoping to witness Mayweather’s moment of reckoning, are left disappointed. His lone rival in boxing, Manny Pacquiao, has been pegged as the best suited to challenge Mayweather’s supremacy and undefeated record.

In regards to fighting Pacquiao, Mayweather’s conceit for his “0” had a large majority of boxing fans convinced that day would never come where he’d meet Pacquiao in the ring… until that day actually came.

On February 20, in classic Mayweather fashion, he uploaded a picture on his Shots app, signing the contract for the Pacquiao fight with a $4000 pen. The “0” Floyd’s worked so hard to protect, like his legacy, seems at risk now more than ever.

What if he loses? How would a loss affect Mayweather’s legacy?

It’s a fascinating concept for a fighter whose legacy is synonymous with never losing. In fact, a Mayweather loss seems to be the only way this fight can actually live up to the hype.

If we’re being honest, the majority of the boxing world despises Mayweather’s methods of self-promotion and antics leading up to fights…

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