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What Andre Ward Had to Say Regarding a Canelo Matchup

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Andre Ward recently joined Max Kellerman on Kellerman’s ESPN show, “Max on Boxing,” to discuss a few different topics, including a recent fan question which asked who would win between Canelo Alvarez and Ward.

It’s an intriguing matchup that has peaked many boxing fans’ interest in recent years. With Canelo’s boxing IQ and skills seemingly getting sharper with each fight, talks have been heating up as of late on social media regarding how he’d do against another master technician in Ward.

Of course, Ward is retired, but it’s a fun fantasy matchup to consider nonetheless.

“Obviously, like you mentioned, I’m retired so I can’t really talk my talk and have the bass in my voice like I used to when I was active,” said Ward to Kellerman. “Because you know what people will say, ‘Oh you’re retired, why are you talking like that about Canelo?'”

Even though Ward is retired, he went on to show that his fighting mentality is still there.

“I’m a first-ballot hall of famer,” said Ward. “I didn’t get to the hall of fame believing that any fighter can beat… Retired or not, I don’t believe any fighter can beat me.”

This only adds more fuel to the fire in regards to a potential scrap between Canelo and Ward. People are already lighting up the comments section on Instagram.

Drop your two cents on this post and let us know who you think would win if Canelo and Ward fought in 2021.

Watch the full Max on Boxing segment below.

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