What Should Have Been: Top 5 Mayhem Undercard Fights

Mayweather-Maidana - Amanda Kwok - Showtime
Photo by Amanda Kwok

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana 2 pay-per-view fight is going to be good. Hell, it may even be great.

But what about the undercard?

The official announcement naming all of the undercard fights was made yesterday, and most fight fans weren’t pleased to say the least.

Let’s be real here, most of the matchups boxing heads wish would happen, aren’t going to happen, and the Mayhem undercard is no different. By either the fault of Al Haymon, network rivalries, or just a fighter not wanting to challenge another fighter, this list isn’t taking those excuses under any consideration.

This is a pure fun, somewhat realistic fight matchups list that would have fit well for Mayhem: Mayweather vs. Maidana 2. Here we go…


Leave us a comment letting us know what fights you would have wanted to see land on the Mayhem undercard!

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