What To Know About Using A Punch Shield For Boxing

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Training for a boxing match will prove to be very intense and stressful.

After all, you’ll need to go above and beyond to perfect your boxing game. You have to learn how to jab, throw hooks, and take punches.

On top of that, you have to focus intently on your physical condition. You need to make sure that you’re fit and that your cardio is outstanding.

Otherwise, you’re going to get tired midway through and that is going to be very risky.

Within this guide, you’re going to find out about utilizing a punch shield as a part of your boxing training.

What Is It?

First, you should learn about the basics of a punch shield. This type of shield is going to be very thick and circular. The pad requires two people. Someone will need to hold the pad while you hit it.

In general, you’ll find that the punch shield will be five-to-seven inches in thickness. On the outside, the foam will be covered by durable materials. This could be leather or something similar.

Two outside edges of the shield will feature handles. This allows the coach or trainer to maintain control over the punch shield at all times.

It is pertinent to buy the highest quality punch shield you can find. You wouldn’t settle with lower casinos either. This is why you should check out and buy the best punch shield you can find.

Using It

Ultimately, using a punch shield will prove to be very easy and straightforward. You won’t have to read any instructions and you’ll figure it out very rapidly.

Punch shields are similar to heavy bags. They provide the same feel but there is one difference. A heavy bag isn’t going to move around much. A punch shield can.

The coach can move the pad around throughout the training session. Therefore, you’re going to feel like you’re in a fight while punching the shield. This makes it one of the best training aids for boxers.


Why would anyone want to use a punch shield? Well, the answers are plentiful and you’ll find that a punch shield is going to enhance your game.

By using a punch shield, you’ll be able to improve your cardio. You’ll want to hit the shield hard and often. This will test your cardio. Since the shield can be moved around, you’ll also use your reflexes and accuracy.

Using a punch shield is a wise choice for boxers. It’ll improve your cardio, aim, and punching power.


At the end of the day, all boxing coaches and trainers should own and use punch shields. They’re immensely beneficial and they can help the boxer improve all aspects of their game.

If your coach doesn’t have a punch shield, you should change this right away. Speak with your coach and tell them about the perks of this tool.

Do that and you can guarantee that your trainer will think about adding one to the gym.

Just remember that you’ll need another person to benefit from a punch shield.

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