When You Should Stop Playing Bingo 


Bingo is an incredibly fun game and it has been played for years, becoming increasingly popular all across Europe and America with the launch of online bingo.

Bingo fans no longer needed to go down to bingo halls to be able to get their bingo fix, players can simply log in to an online casino which features online bingo games such as to be able to be in it to win it, all with a cup of tea in hand from the comfort of their own sofa!

The accessibility of playing bingo online is great news for the majority of players, however, it’s important for players to gamble responsibly and part of that is knowing when to stop playing bingo and take a break.

Here are some helpful hints to give you a bit of a guide to when to stop playing bingo so that that game can be as enjoyable as possible for you and not a regrettable experience.

When the Fun Stops, Stop

This is a good way to judge when to stop playing bingo, and it can also apply to any other online gambling such as playing on online slot machines.

The aim of the game, besides winning, of course, is to have fun and as it’s a game of anticipation, there will be a little bit of tension in there too which amps up the excitement.

However, if you’re finding yourself becoming stressed and anxious during the game and not having fun because you’re stressing that you might not win, it’s probably time to take a break from bingo.

Set Yourself Limits and Targets

Bingos are all about the jackpot, but realistically you might not win the jackpot, so it could be a good tactic to set yourself some limits to how much you spend on bingo, in other words, how much you would be prepared to spend with a view of winning either a line, house or a jackpot.

This way, you’ll never be disappointed even if you don’t win, as you will have stuck to your limit so you won’t be in a difficult financial position due to overspending. Setting yourself a top target, aside from the jackpot, is also a good tactic.

For example, if you would be happy if you won however much you would win if you won a house, set this amount as your limit and once you’ve reached in, walk away with your winnings! This stops the cycle of losing your hard-earned winnings.

Take Breaks to Reflect

Another kind of limit you can impose on your bingo play is a time limit.

Work out how much time you would like to set aside for bingo playing, whether this is in line with how much time you can afford in your busy schedule, how much time you would spend playing bingo without a break or how much screen time you want to allow yourself.

Experts recommend that a five-to-10 minute break after 50-60 minutes continuous screen usage is healthier, so you could use this as a guide for when to give yourself a break from bingo and reflect.

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