Who Are the 3 Most Feared Fighters in Boxing?

Boxing 2016
Photo edit by Liam Brady/RBRBoxing

Boxing could possibly be approaching a golden era that we haven’t seen since before the 2000’s.

With exciting young fighters like Anthony Joshua, Errol Spence Jr., Andre Ward, Roman Gonzalez and more, boxing could make a comeback and emerge as great as it was in the 1980’s.

There’s one large obstacle however. Unlike some of the great fighters of the past, many of today’s biggest names are too worried to add a loss to their record. Instead of the best fighting the best, they will take easier fights for quick money and an easy victory.

Because of this problem, the few men who continuously push to make the best fights happen gain a fearless reputation, intimidating other opponents.

Becoming a feared or ducked fighter in boxing requires so much more than just being fearless or consistently winning, however.

To be a feared opponent, one must show that they have the power to consistently knock fighters out, and that they are constantly on the prowl for more fighters to add to their knockout résumé.

Keep reading to see the top three most feared fighters in the game right now.

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