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Who’s Next for Demetrius Andrade?

Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA

After taking out another opponent that hardly anyone had ever heard of in Luke Keeler, Demetrius Andrade is in a familiar position.

That is, he’s searching for an upper-echelon opponent to step up to the plate and fight him.

Andrade was kind, to say the least, in his post-fight interview after stopping Keeler in 9.

“I thought it was good,” said Andrade of his performance. “Luke Keeler is a warrior, a future champion. But not today, today was my day. I took him to deep waters and I sunk him.”

Enough is enough. Unless the WBC magically gifts Keeler a belt (which, weirder things have happened) then that man will not be a champion. Ever.

It’s getting pretty old not seeing Andrade land the big fights. He’s got the promoter, the streaming platform and a title, yet all the top names are avoiding or perhaps just not interested in entertaining a bout with Andrade.

Without getting into all the politics and such, you would think that Andrade would be able to get a fight against one of the many in-house fighters in-or-around his division, not to mention the ones who are signed with other promoters.

Andrade is a titleholder at 160, but he’s made it clear that he’s even willing to move up in weight.

“Listen, I wanted to go up to 168 to fight Billy Joe ‘Joke-Ass’ Saunders and that’s what I am looking to do,” said Andrade. “Since Eddie has that big checkbook, that big bank, give Billy that check too so I can whoop his ass.”

And if for whatever reason Saunders doesn’t want to fight Andrade, there’s a slim chance that Jermall Charlo might step up to the plate. Or so we think.

“I’m not giving up on that,” said Andrade. “Eddie Hearn sent the offer and didn’t get a response. If they want to send an offer this way, we will respond. Let’s get it on, Jermall. The boogeyman is here, baby.”

Humor us, boxing Gods. Let’s see Andrade up against another champion. That’s the only way we’ll be see just how good the undefeated titleholder is.

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