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The boxing community were rubbing their hands in anticipation at the prospect of Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua going head-to-head. It was set to be the defining bout of this era of Heavyweights, and the clash of the two Brits would go a long way to determining who is the greater fighter of the two.

However, Deontay Wilder has thrown a spanner in the works. The American has insisted that a third fight between himself and Fury, which was stipulated in the contract between the pair, be honored. Despite the offer of a huge fee to waive that right to another rematch, Wilder has remained steadfast in his aim of getting revenge on Fury, who defeated him in Las Vegas back in February of 2020. 

While Wilder certainly has the right to face Fury if it was contractually agreed, a third fight between the two has caused a few eyes to roll in the boxing world. It would be one thing if Wilder had won one of the two previous fights, but with the first ending in a draw (a bout which many felt Fury had done enough to win), and Fury emerging victorious from the second fight, it’s hard to see how Wilder has a claim to take Fury on again–in terms of their boxing ability, at least.

But for now Fury vs. Joshua has been put on the backburner, and instead we will watch on as Wilder attempts to exact retribution. There will be no water off Fury’s back, of course, and the ‘Gypsy King’ feels he is being generous by allowing Wilder to take him on once again.

“Wilder’s the most dangerous fighter on this planet,” he told talkSPORt. “I’m giving this fighter–the most dangerous puncher in the history of our sport–three chances in a row to beat me. That takes a lot of balls to do that. Three opportunities playing with fire, playing with an atomic bomb. It’s very risky business to say the least.”

Fury will be confident of beating Wilder, but the “Bronze Bomber” will be under pressure to deliver the kind of performance that justifies this disruption to one of the most-anticipated fights of all time.

Wilder has been silent of late, and this is perhaps a good thing as he puts in the preparation for the Fury bout, but if the Englishman wins in the same comfortable fashion as he did in the second fight between the pair, there will be a lot of vitriol directed towards Wilder for not taking the stand-aside fee.

Fury stands as the favorite in the latest betting on Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury, and it would be no surprise to see him produce the goods once again. Having conquered so many demons in his personal life, Fury seems intent on making himself known as the greatest fighter of his generation, and he’ll view the fight against Wilder as another step on that journey.

The pressure is all on Wilder to deliver. On the basis of his last showing against Fury, he’ll need to be much improved to show that his interference in Fury and Joshua’s plans is worthwhile.

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