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Corissa Furr - Tom Casino
Photo by Tom Casino/Showtime

Corissa Furr is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable ring girls in boxing.

The small town girl, turned big city model is a unique beauty with brains who has worked such big time fights as Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweater vs. Marcos Maidana.

Not only an accomplished model, Furr also has shown off her talents on hit shows like HBO’s Entourage and MANswers on SpikeTV.

In a piece I wrote for Bleacher Report in 2013, I included Furr as one of the 10 Boxing Ring Girls You Should Follow on Instagram and one year later she still makes the top 10!

Read on for our exclusive interview with Corona Ring Girl, Corissa Furr, as she talks her favorite combat sport, her start as a ring girl and the most douchey pickup lines guys use.

Round By Round Boxing: I read that your first fight as a Corona Ring Girl was the Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto fight, which was a huge event. What was that experience like?

Corissa Furr: Well, that wasn’t actually my first fight as a Corona Ring Girl. I had worked quite a few other cards in California before that. But, that was the first Las Vegas event and a big one as to be expected. So it was definitely really fun and exciting! Vegas is just a different place for fights than anywhere else in the country, I think. They go all out! All of the hype, press events, celebrity appearances, autograph signings, merchandising and not to mention the feeling of being in the arena on fight night!

RBRBoxing: What would you say has been your favorite fight that you’ve worked?

CF: You know, I honestly can’t say I have any favorites. I’ve always been a fan of boxing and every time I get to work an amazing fight I think “I’ll never see anything like that again.” Then I work another fight and it tops that night or it is JUST as exciting or something special happens! I truly am blessed to have such an amazing job. How lucky am I!?

RBRBoxing: How did you get your start with boxing and being a Corona Ring Girl?

CF: Chiara Strzesiewski at Friasworks contacted me after someone recommended me! That was 4 years ago and I’ve been doin’ the thing ever since! I love the company, all the beautiful ring girls I get to work with, as well as the Golden Boy and Showtime families! So grateful for all the opportunities to meet and work with so many wonderful people.

RBRBoxing: Awesome, we love Chiara! So, what’s your favorite part of the job?

CF: Uhhh, definitely getting paid to sit ringside! I mean, like I said before I’ve always been a fan of boxing so I’d be stoked just to be able to go to a fight. So yeah, I’d say I’m pretty freakin’ lucky to be able to actually be a PART of it and always be right there in front of the action! Maybe the ONLY thing that might make it ultimately amazing would be a Corona in my hand! [Laughs] But that’s being a little too greedy, no?

Corona Girls
Corissa Furr (Left)/Photo by Esther Lin/Showtime

RBRBoxing: What’s the most obnoxious thing a fan has ever said to you at a boxing fight?

CF: [Laughs] I dunno, it’s always the typical douchey things like, “Take ur top off!”, “Show us your tits!”, or “How much?” You learn to not even hear any of it after a while. Guys can sometimes act like idiots when they are surrounded by other dudes, consuming tons of alcohol and watching other men punch each other [laughs].

RBRBoxing: So to all of our readers, don’t be that guy [laughs]! Being involved with MMA and Boxing events, what do you think is the biggest difference between the two sports? Do you prefer either sport?

CF: I enjoy both sports, for sure! I would probably say I am more of a boxing fan though. Because even when watching MMA fights I prefer stand up action over grappling. It’s just much more exciting to watch, plain and simple! As far as the biggest difference between the two? Probably the actual rules, length of rounds, number of rounds, etc.

RBRBoxing: What are some of your goals? Would you like to branch out and do something you haven’t been able to yet?

CF: Yeah, of course I always want to do stuff I’ve never done before! I’ve always wanted to be on a billboard haha! I dunno, might be weird, but that’s just one thing I always wanted in my modeling career. And I would for sure love to do more hosting and interviewing. I have done quite a bit already, working for TV stations, interviewing UFC fighters, hosting TV shows, etc. But it’s definitely something I really enjoy and would love to pursue that more.

RBRBoxing: You’re from tiny Boonsboro, MD. When you were younger did you dream of moving to California and making a name for yourself?

CF: [Laughs] No it wasn’t like that at all. I was a pretty shy, dorky girl believe it or not! And I kind of got into modeling by accident, because my friend was doing some photo shoots. But then I started having fun, making good money, getting magazine and travel opportunities, so I went for it! But I had a solid modeling career for years out of Maryland before I made the decision to move out to California. It’s actually been almost exactly 4 years I’ve been living out here!! Happy Anniversary to me [laughs]!

RBRBoxing: If you weren’t modeling what would be your profession? Corissa Furr, high school band teacher [laughs]?

CF: You know, you laugh, but at one point a few years ago, I did consider going back and doing something involved with music! No, but really at this point, after I have traveled all over and worked for so many different kinds of jobs and companies, I think I would still be doing something involved with entertainment of some kind. I’ve always wanted to try my eye for photography, I definitely have a passion for that. Video editing [is also] something I really enjoy and am pretty good at! Modeling agency, event planning, consulting or rescue and foster dogs. That’s just a few things. I should do them all [laughs]!

RBRBoxing: Do you have a favorite boxer or boxers?

CF: No, I have tons of respect for all of the fighters! It takes a certain type of person to be a fighter, an entertainer or a showman. So big props to them all!

RBRBoxing: Where can people follow you?

CF: @CorissaFurr on Twitter and IG and Also at

Thanks so much!

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