WWE Net Worth

WWE Net Worth

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc (WWE) is a wrestling entertainment company based in the United States of America.

While their major source of income comes through the broadcasting rights of their fights, the WWE also earns a major chunk of money through music, video games, product licensing, and direct product sales.

The company went public in 1999 and is being traded at the New York Stock Exchange under the name WWE.

Sources of Income

World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly known as World Wrestling Federation is one of the biggest entertainment industry in America for the past 20 years.
It has over 36 million viewers from 150 different countries and approximately 800 employees working in various fields of the industry.

The major part of the company is held by CEO Vince McMahon, his wife Linda McMahon, their children Shane and Stephanie along with Triple H, who together hold 70 percent of the industry.

They have the highest stock value of $44.275 and the lowest of $18.365 in the last year. They crossed the $30 mark on only two occasions, once on March 2014 and December 2017.

Net Worth

There has been a remarkable increase in the income of the WWE in the past few years. In 2017, the company earned about $680.9 million, which was about 14 percent higher than the previous year. The company also increased their international revenue terms by about 48 percent.

WWE currently has more than 22 million subscribers on Youtube, making it the most followed sports brand on Youtube.
The above statistics gives us a clear idea about how the Industry has grown out in the last 6 years and how it has almost doubled its revenue even when being in the transition stage.
The subscription for the WWE costing $9.99 which is exclusive of taxes and with over 1.63 million average paid subscribers in the second quarter of 2017, they represented an 8 percent increase from the second quarter of 2016.

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