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15 of the Best Weapons in Heavyweight History


Larry Holmes’ Left Jab

It was lightning quick, powerful, very accurate and repeatedly thrown. Larry Holmes, also known as “The Easton Assassin,” could have solely thrown the jab an entire fight and many times, he practically did.

His long arms and snapping motion accentuated its effectiveness: a piercing jab that he fired as if it was a whip or a wet towel.

Holmes used it as a range-finder for his stiff right cross or uppercut, to cut up his opponents’ face and snap their heads back and forth with it while piling up the points. His opponents knew it was coming but could not get out of its way.

Many say the jab is the single most important punch in boxing and no one threw it better than Holmes. Even as his skills and speed eroded, his famed left jab always remained a potent weapon.

At 42 years old, Holmes befuddled the champion Evander Holyfied with the jab and gave him a very spirited fight. Holyfied later said Holmes gave him a lesson on how to use the jab. It was perhaps the best jab in the history of the sport.


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