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Boxing superstars Canelo Álvarez and Jermell Charlo faced off for the first time on Tuesday at a kickoff press conference in New York to preview their blockbuster showdown.

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Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion Álvarez Defends Titles Against Undisputed Junior Middleweight Champion Charlo

Saturday, September 30 Headlining SHOWTIME PPV® From T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Canelo Promotions Presents a Premier Boxing Champions Pay-Per-View

NEW YORK – August 15, 2023 – Boxing superstars Canelo Álvarez and Jermell Charlo faced off for the first time on Tuesday at a kickoff press conference in New York to preview their blockbuster showdown that headlines a SHOWTIME PPV (8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT) on Saturday, September 30 from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Canelo Promotions will present the Premier Boxing Champions Pay-Per-View.

The undisputed super middleweight world champion Canelo will take on the undisputed junior middleweight world champion Charlo in a historic matchup that will pit two reigning undisputed champions against each other for the first time in the four-belt era.

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Here is what the press conference participants had to say Tuesday from Palladium Times Square:


“Thank you to Jermell for taking this fight. I’m very happy to be in this position and to be in big fights. Jermell is a great fighter who takes on big challenges just like I do. I always take risks.

“Jermell is a great fighter and this is a fight that’s been out there as a possibility for a long time. Now is the correct time for this fight.

“I’m gonna put everything into the ring. My experience, my power and my skills. It’s going to take everything to win this fight. It’s going to be a great night for the fans.

“It’s good that people are saying I’ve lost a step. It’s fine. I know why I didn’t look as good in my last two fights. I know why and I’m different now. I’m preparing now for a different type of fighter.

“I’m 100% focused on this fight. Then we’ll see what happens after. Everyone wants drama and for us to fight on this stage, but when two fighters are 100% focused like we are right now, it’s gonna make it a great fight in the ring.

“I have everything that he says he has as well. I have experience and I’ve been in this position a lot of times. That’s why we’re here. We’re going to find out if he’s got enough on September 30.

“I love being in these kinds of fights. Stay tuned on September 30 because this is gonna be a great night for boxing.”


“This is a long time coming. Canelo and Eddy are legends in the game of boxing. They’ve put on great shows and I want to be the one that gets in there and takes it all away from them.

“Me and my brother Jermall have been putting on for boxing and it’s our time now. A lot of people are worried about the wrong things. When you want to win something this big, you have to risk it all.

“I just want to quiet my haters and doubters and turn non-believers into believers. I’ve watched a lot of great people in the sport of boxing and now I think this is the best moment for me to leave my mark. With two great fighters in there, you get nothing but fireworks. When this fight presented itself, it was a no-brainer to make this happen.

“I’m gonna train my ass off and be intelligent. I know I’m moving up in weight, but who cares? That won’t stop me from getting in there and doing it the way I do it. I’m excited for this moment.

“My heart, desire and determination will give me what I need to win. I guarantee a great night and that you’re gonna hear some lions roaring.

“I don’t have any excuses. Whatever happens happens. I came here to win this fight. I’m not laying down. I don’t care what anyone says.

“I’m so proud to be one of the fighters who’s able to get in there and step up and fight the best. I’m gonna be training my ass off. Tune in on September 30. Be there or be square. We’re gonna turn this into a whole new ball game.”

EDDY REYNOSO, Canelo’s Trainer and Manager

“Here we are in New York, once again announcing what will be one of the best fights in recent memory. Styles makes fights, and I believe that both Charlo and Canelo possess the kind of contrasting styles that fans will love to see in a fight.   

“Charlo is a great champion and has a great trainer in as Derrick James. He is a great fighter with a big heart that has gotten up off the mat after losing, and that makes him even more dangerous. He lost, but he also redeemed himself and showed that you can redeem yourself to earn big fights like this one. 

“This will definitely be a challenge. Charlo is capable of ending the fight at any moment, and we must be ready for anything he migh do. 

“We know it will be a tough fight, but we are always ready. You will all see a great fight, and you will also see a very different Canelo compared to the one you saw during the last few fights.”

DERRICK JAMES, Charlo’s Trainer

“This is a fight that Jermell Charlo has always wanted. It’s the type of fight he’s needed to put him into super superstardom. Canelo is a great fighter with a great trainer and they’ve been so consistent over the years. It’s hard to do that in boxing.

“It’s gonna take Jermell being the best version of himself. He’s gonna have to be focused in training camp and focused in the fight. He’s gonna get what he needs to get because of the focus he has and because he knows he has to be himself.

“Jermell should be comfortable with the weight on fight night. He’s daring to be great. He’s all about stepping up and taking the challenges. He wants to be undisputed in two weight classes at the same time.

“It’s all about us coming in and doing what we do best. Both guys are gonna try to do whatever they can do to come out successful. It’s gonna be a great and exciting night of boxing.”

TOM BROWN, President of TGB Promotions

“September 30 will be another night of history. It’s impressive what both men have accomplished to become undisputed. And we also have the back-to-back Trainer of the Year winners in Eddy Reynoso and Derrick James up here as well. It’s everything you would want for a mega fight.

“Canelo is truly one of the sport’s best ever. He’s a hero in Mexico and universally respected. He’s a throwback fighter who takes on all challengers and he’s boxing’s biggest star.

“Jermell will bring everything he’s got to this fight. He’s cleaned out the division and beaten every fighter he’s faced. He’s not just convinced he can win this fight, he’s convinced he will.

“This is a classic old school fight with two guys who can really crack. It will come down to who can handle themselves under fire. It’s a super fight you don’t want to miss.”


“Coming off some of the biggest and most anticipated fights in recent memory, we have a special one on September 30. This is another matchup with historic implications, the first bout in the four-belt era pitting two undisputed champions.

“Regardless of who you are rooting for, these two men are among the elites in boxing. Both have historic achievements. Canelo has defeated 18 world champions in his career. He has fought at least one world champion every year for the last 10 years.

“Jermell Charlo is the first undisputed 154-pound world champion in the four-belt era. He could join Terence Crawford as the only male boxer to become undisputed in two weight classes in the four-belt era.

“This event is a rare opportunity to witness greatness. Greatness means not being satisfied with being the first and only four-belt undisputed super welterweight champion. Greatness is pushing for more; more challenges, more history, continuing to test the limits of your own performance. Greatness is taking tough fights and big challenges when you don’t have to.”

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