Boxing FAQ

Boxing FAQ


Q: How are boxing weight limits/divisions categorized?

A: Boxing has 17 weight classes. Click here to view a break down of boxing weights/divisions.


Q: What are the rules of boxing?

A: Each sanctioning body has a written explanation of its own rules. Below are the rules for each major sanctioning body.





Q: Where can I view pound-for-pound rankings?

A: Click here to view The Ring and Transnational Boxing’s pound-for-pound lists.


Q: How can I inquire about writing or contributing for RBRBoxing?

A: Click here to read more information on contributing with Round By Round Boxing.


Q: How are boxing fights scored?

The Four Components of Scoring

Scoring in professional boxing is rather subjective in nature. Controversy seems to arise after every close bout, and official scorers are often scorned by viewers that deemed the fight far from close. Three ringside judges score bouts based on four factors:

Clean punching: “Clean” punches are punches that land on the face/side of the head and the front/side of the torso.

Effective aggressiveness: A boxer demonstrates this trait when he consistently and successfully moves forward in a controlled manner.

Ring generalship: The judges favor the fighter who controls the pace and style of the bout.

Defense: Boxers that skillfully incorporate defensive maneuvers receive credit in this area.

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Q: How do you bet on boxing?

A: Click here to read our betting on boxing guide.

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