Black History Month: Celebrating Black Fighters

In celebration of Black History Month, Round By Round Boxing will be highlighting some of our staffs favorite black fighters.

Joe Gans

Joe Gans (born Joseph Gant) was an African-American boxer, born in Baltimore, Maryland, who was rated the greatest Lightweight boxer of all time by boxing historian and Ring Magazine founder, Nat Fleischer.

Known as the “Old Master,” Gans was the first black man to win the world Lightweight title, which he won by first-round knockout over Frank Erne in May of 1902. Gans’ record was an incredible 158-12-20, 100 KOs, and he once fought three times in one night.

For more on Gans, check out “The Longest Fight” by William Gildea which looks at the 42-round war fought by Gans against “Battling” Nelson–the third longest bout in boxing history.

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