Boxing Apparel Inspires Streetwear and Activewear

When doing any sport, the gear and apparel you use can play a major role in your overall performance. This is especially true for boxing, where form and function are both important components that lead to an athlete’s success.

However, boxing apparel isn’t just limited to the ring; it can also be used to add a stylish twist to your wardrobe. In fact, PR Newswire reports that athleisure will continue to rise in popularity post-COVID above other apparel categories. The sport has inevitably inspired some pieces in streetwear and activewear in the athleisure trend today.

Boxing Apparel: Function and Style

Athleisure has been present in fashion for several decades now, but it has grown more popular in recent years. It has become more than just a trend, cementing itself as a staple in everyday wear. The trends that do come and go have to do with the specific type of athleisure that people currently gravitate towards. For instance, tennis fashion was the summer must-have several years back, from polo dresses to tennis skirts and the like.

Boxing has steadily gained more attention as well, with several well-known boxers like Tyson Fury and Floyd Mayweather expressing interest in fighting in the UFC. These competitive boxers are still very much in the spotlight, and fans are expressing their support in various ways, including attire.

Boxing apparel has gained some attention outside of the ring. Relaxed boxing-inspired shorts, sports bras, and hoodies, are just some items that boxing fans and those who generally enjoy athleisure, activewear, and streetwear are wearing more of today:

Boxing-Inspired Pieces for Your Wardrobe

There are various ways to incorporate boxing apparel into your wardrobe. Some may feel comfortable wearing actual boxing gear with more casual pieces, while others prefer to don clothing items inspired by the sport.

Here are some streetwear and activewear pieces inspired by boxing:

Boxing Shorts

Shorts seem to be the most versatile piece on a boxing-inspired runway. Whether you dress them up like Coperni’s mechanical shorts or go all out with a rainbow of colors seen on Versace’s runway, there’s a design for everybody.

Some shorts are perfect for summer wear, while others in neutral colors and sleek silhouettes can take you to casual evening events. You can shop for different variations of these boxer shorts from their respective websites.


STAUD is well known for its New Balance sneakers. Their most recent collection complements other pieces like waist jackets, skorts, and shorts with classic blues and summery greens, colors which are nods to boxing. These sneakers may be hard to come by, and as SoleSavy points out, it may be easier for you to find a pair by joining a sneaker community.

Oftentimes, these communities connect you with people who are trading or selling exclusive drops, and you can even make a significant sum by selling an in-demand pair of your own. Perhaps the best parts of joining such a community are finding new friends and staying abreast of the latest fashion trends. If you’re in the market for a pair of boxing-inspired shoes, a decent sneaker community is just where you may find them.


Bathrobes are a quintessential part of the sport as boxers make their way into the stadium and the ring. Brands like Versace have captured this well in their Barocco cotton bathrobes.

It remains a timeless piece with its signature meander along the sleeves and belt. As explained by GQ, the robe has entered a new age of ubiquity, receiving even more searches than tuxedos — a true level of luxury.

Whether inspired by Mayweather or women boxers like Super Bad Estrada, this and other sports are continuously influencing streetwear and activewear that are not just things to wear, but a way of life.

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