Caleb Plant

Caleb Plant Dominates and Stops Vincent Feigenbutz

Caleb Plant delivered a one-sided beat down to his opponent Vincent Feigenbutz, winning by 10th-round stoppage.

Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

Super Middleweight fringe contender Vincent Feigenbutz (31-3, 28 KOs) was given virtually no chance to pull off the upset against IBF champion Caleb Plant (20-0, 12 KOs). There were several reasons why. 

For one, Plant has looked sensational throughout his career. Feigenbutz on the other hand was barely even heard of. The next issue for Feigenbutz was that this was his first time fighting in the United States.

To make matters worse, this was the first time he was facing an American opponent. It truly makes you wonder how he even made it to the mandatory position in the first place. But that is besides the point. 

In front of his hometown fans in Nashville, Tennessee at the Bridgestone arena, Plant put on a show. Calling this contest a fight just doesn’t seem like an accurate statement. Instead, this was an absolute one-sided beating that Plant dished out. 

To give you some sort of indication in terms of how wide the difference in talent was between them, through two rounds, Plant out landed his opponent 31 to 5 in total punches.

Yes. Feigenbutz landed just five punches through the first two rounds. 

The slick-hitting Plant outboxed and outmaneuvered his man all night long. If you watched the first round then that was essentially all you needed to see.

Every round following the first was exactly the same. Plant hit his opponent whenever he wanted and had no worries about anything coming back his way. 

Round by round, Plant gave a beating to his man. Feigenbutz simply had no answers. 

As the blood began to pour from his nose and seemingly down on all of the scorecards, the referee decided that he had seen enough. The contest came to a halt at the midway point of the 10th round. 

It was easy to why the referee could no longer allow the contest to continue. According to CompuBox, Plant landed 202 of his punches, while Feigenbutz landed only 47.

When we take a look at the power punching stats, it gave an even better view of the dominance of Plant. The IBF champ scored 152 times compared to the 19 that Feigenbutz landed.

In short, it was an easy win for Plant. 

Final Grade For Caleb Plant: A

It was one of the most one-sided beatings that you will ever see.

Caleb Plant did whatever he wanted all night long. But it wasn’t exactly surprising.

Plant should be praised for only a short time. Feigenbutz was nothing more than a journeymen, but Plant completely handled his business.

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