Caleb Plant


Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

Eddie Hearn’s claim that Al Haymon and PBC are pushing for Canelo Alvarez to sign a three-fight deal to fight on their platforms in order to make the Caleb Plant bout come to fruition is all the rage these days.

Fans are frustrated because Canelo vs. Plant is an enticing fight and will also crown the first undisputed champion at 168 pounds in the four-belt era.

PBC is obviously doing their due diligence, trying to see if they can lock up boxing’s cash cow beyond just one fight. That doesn’t mean they don’t believe in Caleb Plant, it’s just smart business to play that hand.

“They would prefer to do a three-fight deal,” said Hearn on a recent episode of The DAZN Boxing Show. “I feel like Caleb Plant shouldn’t be a pawn in this. Caleb Plant is a guy who should get the best deal and best opportunity for this fight.”

Regardless of the business aspect, the fans just want to see the best fight the best. And unfortunately, it’s seeming like a Canelo-Plant matchup may be drifting away.

While Hearn is painting a picture of Plant being used by PBC in order to secure Canelo for a few more future fights, Plant has made it clear that he does not require a multi-fight agreement in order to face Canelo.

In a recent Round By Round Boxing Instagram post, we spelled out the situation and quoted Hearn from two interviews, one with Boxing Social and the aforementioned interview on The DAZN Boxing Show.

Plant wasted no time in responding to the Hearn quotes, commenting on the same Instagram post that he only needs one crack at Canelo.

Of course, Plant may feel that way, while PBC is just trying to do what’s best for their company and platforms.

If in fact Canelo-Plant falls apart, fans will be pissed–even if the consultation prize is seeing Canelo test himself against one of the best fighters at 175 pounds.

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