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Canelo vs. Khan | 3 Keys to Victory for Amir Khan

3 Keys to Victory for Amir Khan

Photo by Hogan Photos/Golden Boy Promotions

Oh Amir Khan, why did you take this fight? You’ve made my job more difficult to come up with three keys to victory, and now I have to give you a compliment sandwich. You’re a really talented fighter, but we both know you have a tendency to overestimate your abilities, and you have a glass chin.

However, anything can happen so there’s still hope for you.

I’m almost certain Khan took this fight with Canelo Alvarez as a path to Floyd Mayweather (a path which until recently, none of us thought still existed). But in a typical, Khan-like gesture of grandiose self-importance and impossible narcissism, he took this fight to prove what, I’m not entirely sure.

However, Khan does have some assets on his side that could pull off an upset against Canelo.

But if Khan can go at Canelo as hard as his clapback to Donald Trump, we might be in for an exciting fight.

Here are three things Khan must do to beat Canelo tomorrow night.

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