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Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy Fight Night Preview


Chris “Breezy” Brown will take on Deandre “Soulja Boy” Way in a celebrity boxing match in Dubai.

The fight, which will be aired across the world on pay-per-view, will most likely take place at a catchweight, as Soulja Boy is 10 pounds lighter than Chris Brown without working out at all.

Add this to the fact that Soulja Boy is unable to stay away from drugs, it would not be absurd to expect a 10-15 pound gap at the weigh ins.

The beef between the two musicians began earlier this year when Soulja Boy commented on a picture of Chris Brown’s ex girlfriend, and the feud has grown ever since. Almost as soon as the beef began, numerous boxers such as Floyd Mayweather, Andre Berto, Adrien Broner and even Mike Tyson, have rushed to the scene, encouraging the artists to “put down the guns and put on the gloves.”

Both fighters have impressively found pretty big names to hire for trainers leading up to the fight. Tyson recently posted a video claiming that he was going to “Teach [Brown] every dirty trick in the book he needs to knock [Soulja Boy] out.”

Floyd Mayweather later announced that he would be training Soulja Boy to take on Brown, though Soulja Boy announced yesterday that he has fired Mayweather and in turn hired Evander Holyfield to train him.

According to TMZ, Soulja Boy made the switch because he felt that Mayweather was just too busy–but there are no hard feelings.

Regardless, it will be an entertaining night and the crowd reaction will be interesting.

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