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CompuBox Introduces Next-Gen CompuTrack System

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CompuBox, Inc., the industry standard for boxing statistics since 1985, is introducing a new system that will add a new dimension to the numbers shown during live telecasts.

The CompuTrack system will produce next-generation statistics that will break down a fighter’s activity and performance based on ring positioning and location.

CompuTrack will pull conventional CompuBox data and group them into the following positions:

From Distance — The position from where fighters conventionally throw jabs and power punches.
Close Range — When fighters are engaged in clinches or toe-to-toe exchanges
Against the Ropes — Activity when either fighter is against the ropes. This is broken down into two positions (Fighter 1 against the ropes, Fighter 2 against the ropes)

CompuTrack also will provide data based on where the action occurs inside the ring. This is divided into two quadrants:

Center Ring — Defined as the area that mostly cover the center logo of the ring
Perimeter — Anything outside the defined “center ring area”

CompuTrack will be able to collect the CompuBox stats and merge them with the time spent in each quadrant, which will illustrate whether a fighter opted to dominate action at ring center or whether he exerted strategic control while circling the ring.

Once all this data is compiled and populated, viewers will be able to ascertain how each fighter performed in isolated situations, such as how he fared when he had his opponent against the ropes in comparison to how effective he was at long range, or, if this fighter is a known in-fighter, how long he was able to force his opponent into close-range exchanges, a potential measure of ring generalship.

Conversely, CompuTrack can also measure how long a known long-range specialist was able to keep his opponent at his preferred distance. CompuTrack will provide this illustrative—and revolutionary—data.

The new streaming platform DAZN is the first to use CompuTrack, with other platforms coming on board in the future.

One of CompuBox’s main objectives throughout its 33-year history is the ability to tell the story of a fight through statistics, and the introduction of CompuTrack is confirmation that this commitment is being elevated to a newer, more modern plateau.

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