Amanda Serrano

CompuBox Ranks Current Top Female Fighters

Stephanie Trapp/Showtime

2018 was a breakout year for women’s boxing, with even more exposure sure to happen in 2019. CompuBox takes a look in the top female fighters in 10 statistical categories. Katie Taylor is accurate, landing 39.4% of her total punches, while opponents landed just 16.4%, producing a +23 plus/minus rating.

Amanda Serrano is the busiest, throwing 73.7 punches per 2-minute round (equilavent to 100.5 per 3-minute round). Serrano also landed 23.4 per round. Taylor was the most accurate, landing 39.4% of her total punches. Daniela Bermudez ranked #1 with 6.4 jabs landed per round (9 per 3-minute round).

Taylor landed nearly half her power shots (47.7%), while her opponents landed just 16.4% of their total punches and just 5.1 per round. All but Bermudez landed 40% or more of their power punches. Surprisingly, 14.5 of Taylor’s 16.2 landed punches per round were power shots (non-jabs). Clarissa Shields opponents landed just 22% of their power shots.

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