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Diego De La Hoya Is Serving His Community as Boxing Stands Still

Diego De La Hoya
Tom Hogan/Hogan Photos/Golden Boy

While boxing may be at a halt with the Global Pandemic, rising prospect Diego De La Hoya is hard at work organizing a fundraiser in aims of helping families in need in his hometown of Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. 

In a recent phone interview with Round by Round Boxing, we asked De La Hoya how he and his community are dealing with the current state of affairs.

Boxing events, of course, are postponed, which means many fighters’ livelihood is at a standstill. However, De La Hoya is more concerned with the well being of his people.  

It’s clear Mexicali has been hit hard by the pandemic.

“It’s very difficult [in Mexicali] right now,” said De La Hoya. “The Mexican government is not doing enough to support the people.”

De La Hoya spoke on the loss of many jobs and the hit on the economy. De La Hoya clearly doesn’t want to simply accept that families are hungry.

“We are trying to raise $2,000 dollars, which could feed 150 families,” said De La Hoya. “We are about halfway there”

While De La Hoya is working to serve his community, he’s also doing what he can to continue to train. But COVID-19 has taken its toll on fighters’ ability to have a regular training schedule as well. 

“All gyms are closed, we can’t leave our houses past 6:00 pm, [which is enforced by the police],” said De La Hoya. “I’m training at home, but it really isn’t the same.”

Hopefully, this pandemic will subside soon and events can recommence. Diego De La Hoya’s plans and goals for his career haven’t changed. 

“I want to fight for world titles,” said De La Hoya. “I want to fight champions. I always have.”

De La Hoya recently suffered his first loss as a professional. When asked if he’s interested in a rematch with Ronny Rios, he made it clear that it’s one he’d love to run back. 

“Of course. I haven’t turned the page on that yet,” said De La Hoya. “Like any true Mexican fighter, I have to take that thorn out of my side and avenge my loss.” 

To watch how Diego De La Hoya’s career progresses and to support his fundraiser, follow him on Instagram @diegodelahoya94. You can also follow this link to support his noble cause of feeding families in his community:

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