Dr. David Levine: Magic Hands

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Dr. David Levine: World Champion Fighters Call Him ‘Magic Hands’

ROCKLEIGH, NJ (January 9, 2014) – After receiving pain management treatment developed by Dr. David Levine, active and retired fighters are calling him, “Magic Hands.” Dr. Levine is an innovative chiropractic physician who is on a mission that may revolutionize combat sports.

Practicing in the New Jersey/New York metropolitan area for nearly 20 years, Dr. Levine specializes in the treatment of chronic and severe pain.  His patients include NBA and NFL Hall of Famers as well as Olympians. He also donates his time and expertise to U.S. military personnel suffering acute and chronic pain and those returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan with post-war injuries.

Hands are the most important tools of fighters. Many often suffer debilitating pain from years of punching, as well as serious discomfort and injury to their elbows, neck, back, knees and other areas of the body routinely punished in their inherently violent profession.

Fighting through pain is commonplace in combat sports in addition to being a training distraction.  Dr. Levine’s fast-acting, drug-free and non-invasive treatment can help accelerate turnaround time of injury, not only resulting in a reduction of pain and muscle spasm, but also a release of tightness throughout the body, increasing agility, dexterity and strength.  This could prove invaluable to fighters seeking to optimize their performance and be at their physical best in the ring or cage, while hopefully attaining a competitive edge.

“Trainers have reported to me that their fighters are hitting harder after I have treated them,” Dr. Levine explained. “My treatment may also result in career extensions for athletes facing premature retirement due to chronic pain and discomfort. As with any treatment, however, results are obviously contingent on the specific condition, its severity and duration.  Ultimately, the treatment can be used as an assist by the vast majority of athletes seeking to enhance their performance.”

Only a few days before he last fought, five-time world boxing champion Zab “Super” Judah recently underwent treatment from Dr. Levine for hand, elbow and neck pain. Judah reported that he was pain free after only 45-minutes of treatment. “I had an experience that was mind blowing,” Judah said in this unsolicited testimonial:

“No tools, no medicine, no needles, no scalpels, no pills…nothing, the pain was gone! Dr. Levine has miracle hands.”

Dr. Levine has also had success treating retired world champions such as Johnny “Bump City” Bumphus and “Neon” Leon Spinks.  Bumphus had suffered severe pain in his back and legs and underwent surgery in 2005. “Until I met Dr. Levine,” he noted. “The pain is now gone in my legs and back.  I can’t believe it.”

Spinks had chronic knee pain for years but, after one treatment from Dr. Levine, he was pain free.  “Magic Hands” is what Spinks now calls Dr. Levine.

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