Errol Spence vs. Mikey Garcia Officially Set For March 16 In Texas

Ever since Errol Spence (24-0, 21 KOs) burst onto the scene he’s been touted as the next big thing.

He has not disappointed to say the least.

Spence hasn’t just been beating the competition, he’s been flat out dominating them. That dominance comes with an unfortunate price however. None of the top guys in the division have wanted to get near him.

Spence has been clamoring for a big fight and come March 16 in Arlington, Texas at the AT&T Stadium on Fox Pay Per View, he’ll have his wish granted.

Former four division world champion and pound-for-pound star Mikey Garcia (39-0, 30 KOs) has decided to move up two weight classes in order to challenge the much bigger Spence.

This news does not come as a complete shock as Garcia has been calling out Spence for quite some time. Still the news of their matchup is a little surprising. Garcia will walk into the ring as the much smaller man as expected, but during their face off it was glaring just how much bigger Spence was in comparison to Garcia.

Folks are labeling this a mismatch and a bout that will end badly for Garcia. Garcia hears all of the critics and he loves it. He believes facing someone the caliber of Spence will only bring the best out of him.

“That’s why I’m taking it, because it’s such a big challenge and that’s what I’m about,” said Garcia. “I want the biggest fight, the biggest challenges. There’s no one else out there right now that I can compete with at that level and Spence is the guy, so that’s why I’m after him.”

Count Garcia out if you want, but I would also caution you when doing so. Garcia has said time-and-time again that he sees something that he can exploit in Spence.

What is it exactly? Who the hell knows.

Spence is the best fighter at Welterweight and he’s on track to go down as one of the best fighters of his generation. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who can find holes in his game. Garcia isn’t just looking for a big paycheck. He’s looking to cement his legacy.

Sure, Spence will have every advantage possible from size, to reach, to height, to weight, to punching power. You name it and Spence more then likely has the advantage, but there’s something about a great fighter daring to be great in a time where those risks are rarely, if ever taken.

If anyone can find the chinks in the impenetrable armor of Spence it is sure to be Garcia.

The great big man going up against the great little man often leads to the same results, which is the bigger man imposing his will and taking out the smaller guy. But, things might just be different this time around.

Or at least that’s how Garcia views it.

“This is one of those occasions where the little guy beats the bigger man,” said Garcia.


Photos from Fox Sports

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