Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Stiffs Waitress After $25,305 Bill

Mayweather Maidana - NYC Presser - Marilyn Paulino (34)
Photo by Marilyn Paulino/RBRBoxing

It seems that TBE and the leader of the money team, Floyd Mayweather Jr., is not big on sharing the wealth.

According to TMZ, Mayweather and company (including actor/singer Jamie Foxx) headed over to Rehab at the Hard Rock to load up on booze and chicken wings after Mayweather’s September 13 victory over Marcos Maidana.

The bill came out to over $25,000, but unfortunately for waitress Nik Nguyen, that didn’t equal a big tip. In fact Mayweather and his pals left no tip, even after being comped the meal.

Nguyen told TMZ that security guards felt sorry for her after she was left tipless and that they actually picked up and gave her money that Mayweather’s gang of female twerkers had left behind.

At least she didn’t leave work empty handed.

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