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Fury Snubs AJ, Instagram Fact Checking and More News

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Tyson Fury (not) shockingly dissed Anthony Joshua in a recent TMZ interview, Instagram is trying out a new fact-checking feature and find out what Ryan Garcia and Selena Quintanilla have in common.

Here’s the boxing news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today’s Headlines

Tyson Fury vs. AJ

Never one to miss an opportunity to dis someone, Tyson Fury recently told TMZ that Anthony Joshua is no longer liked by boxing fans.

You might be wondering why.

According to Fury, the pudgy pugilist Andy Ruiz is to blame.

Tyson Fury TMZ

Apparently, now that Fury is thinner, he’s comfortable throwing the F bomb around more liberally.

Instagram Fact Checking

According to Wired, Facebook has announced that Instagram will be implementing a fact-checking program.

Instagram users in the United States can now report content that they believe is false. The idea is for humans to train IG’s AI, so at a later date Instagram can automate this function.

What’s not clear is if your buddy’s “Floyd Mayweather Is the Real TBE” posts on Instagram will constitute as “fake news.”

Como La Flor

Ryan Garcia is getting hated on (again). This time, boxing fans (primarily the Mexican ones) are losing their shit on a DAZN Instagram post. The post quoted Garcia saying that September 14 is an important date for his people.

It’s not clear whether people were pissed because Garcia said September 14 (the date of his next fight) instead of the actual day of Mexican Independence (September 16) or because he’s not “Mexican enough” to say they are “his people.”

As one person who commented on a later post stated, boxing fans are brutal.

Garcia responded on the DAZN post, claiming that fans are treating him like the late great singer, Selena Quintanilla. What he meant by that is he’s getting heckled for the same reasons Selena did by people who claimed she wasn’t Mexican enough.

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