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Garcia vs. Thurman: 3 Keys to Victory for Keith Thurman

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On Saturday, Keith “One Time” Thurman (27-0, 22 KOs) will come against one of his greatest competitions, meeting Danny “Swift” Garcia (33-0, 19 KOs) at Barclays Center on Showtime Championship Boxing on CBS presented by Premier Boxing Champions.

The victor of the super fight will emerge with the WBA and WBC Welterweight straps.

Both fighters, though phenomenally talented, are coming off two different types of victories. Garcia recently knocked out Samuel Vargas, a fighter who has failed every test he has come across, whereas Thurman just earned a hard-fought victory in a war with “Showtime” Shawn Porter.

This fight is undoubtedly the biggest of both fighters’ lives, and strategy will win the war for them.

Keep reading to learn three keys to help Keith Thurman emerge from the night victorious.

Control the Attack

Keith Thurman vs. Shawn Porter - MVP RBRBoxing (21)

Photo by Marilyn Paulino/RBRBoxing

Danny Garcia has exhibited that he is able to fight both forward and on the back foot in previous fights, but against high class fighters such as Keith Thurman, Garcia tends to fight on the back foot.

Garcia is highly skilled on his back foot, making his opponents walk into an arsenal of hooks and overhand rights as he backs away from the danger untouched. After stunning his opponent until they think twice before coming in, Garcia presses his attack, letting loose vicious combinations.

Thurman may face problems in this however, as he naturally tends to come forward and attack. He did it with Robert Guerrero as well as numerous times against Shawn Porter.

If “One Time” wants to avoid catching unnecessary blows, he needs to remain cool and calculated with his attacks, working his way in and out.

Control the Distance

Thurman vs Porter

Photo by Tom Casino/Showtime

Danny Garcia’s favorite punch is his world renowned left hook.

In his most recent bout against Samuel Vargas, Garcia stayed in control of the distance throughout the whole fight, and he made use of it.

Throughout the whole fight, Garcia systematically destroyed Vargas with wide hooks to the body.

If Keith Thurman can control the distance between the two, Garcia’s hooks would be far less effective and possibly open him up to combinations.

Respect his Power

Danny Garcia Keith Thurman

Photo edit by Liam Brady/RBRBoxing

Since moving up to Welterweight, many critics have claimed that Danny Garcia’s power is not as thunderous as it once was.

Regardless if this is true or not, Garcia still has a strong punch.

Keith Thurman cannot underestimate Garcia, as he is a champ for a reason, and not allow himself to get hit on purpose.

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