Getting to Know Tim Ibarra

Meeting Tim Ibarra: Denver Fighter Faces Michael Conlan on March 17

Tim Ibarra - Amanda Armstrong

All photos by Amanda Armstrong

Before Olympic boxer Michael Conlan was highly recognized for his middle finger, there was another boxer in Denver, Colorado who’s been flipping the bird for years to the camera after his fights.

The 26-year-old Tim Ibarra (4-4, 1 KO) is the opponent for Conlan’s professional debut on March 17 at The Theatre at Madison Square Garden for the main event of a special St. Patrick’s Day card.

Conlan will locate to Los Angeles to train with Manny Robles Sr. Oddly enough, Ibarra faced his son, Manny Robles Jr, in 2012.

“I feel like that’s why they picked me. They know what kind of fight I can bring to the table,” said Ibarra.

That fight ended in a loss for Ibarra, due to his corner throwing in the towel with 30 seconds left of the final round.

“I don’t remember feeling like he had the upper hand on me. We were both hurting each other, I feel my corner took that fight away from me,” said Ibarra.

Ibarra shows a lot of frustration talking about the team that was once behind him, taking fights at the wrong weight and not having very good direction from his management.

Tim Ibarra - Amanda Armstrong

Ibarra’s corner has since changed for the better, working with manager Steve Mestas, trainer Fidel Martinez and stablemate Manny Perez.

“I have complete confidence in my team now. My manager Steve is amazing, without him I would have never gotten this opportunity. Coach Fidel is like a father figure, and my teammate Manny is someone I have the upmost respect for, inside the ring and out,” said Ibarra.

Getting ready for this stage and this kind of opponent is no easy walk in the park, but Ibarra’s views on it are very understandable.

“I’m not looking at this fight like I was picked just to lose. I have nothing to lose. This is his debut, so in a way, it’s like we’re both the B-side,” said Ibarra.

Ibarra fights out of A Family Affair Boxing Gym in Denver, where the name truly fits this team, as Ibarra’s wife Gina and daughters, Mercedes and Ezrealla, will work out in the evenings together.

Sparring is held twice a week and Sunday mornings are spent with a run up one of Colorado’s beautiful mountains with the team and their families.

With a little over six weeks to go, every minute of this camp counts.

“I’m working on everything about me. Even my mental is going to be strong and confident. I want anyone that has seen me fight before to watch this fight and say, ‘wow that’s a whole new Tim Ibarra’.”

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