Heather Hardy Looking to Seize the Moment on October 27

Heather Hardy (21-0, 4 KOs) will be looking to put an end to her rivalry with Shelly Vincent (23-1, 1 KO) in a rematch on the undercard of Daniel Jacobs vs. Sergiy Derevyanchenko on October 27 at Madison Square Garden.

Hardy and Vincent have a history of bad blood that goes back several years. After their first fight, Vincent was visibly upset. She made it known that the issues between her and Hardy were not over.

Vincent also notoriously confronted Hardy during her Mixed Martial Arts weigh-in last year. She even grabbed front row seats to the fight just to heckle Hardy all night long.

Don’t believe me? Check YouTube and you’ll see it for yourself.

During their first matchup these two ladies spent much of it jawing at one another during the lead up. It’s safe to say there’s no love lost between these two. You can understand the disdain Vincent has for Hardy. Her only professional loss came at the hands of Hardy two years ago in a fight of the year candidate.

Since that defeat she’s gone on to reel off five consecutive victories. Those wins have helped place her in a position to get the rematch she’s been clamoring for. Hardy, to her credit, has just continued to win every time she’s stepped inside the boxing ring.

On October 27, both of these women will be fighting for not only bragging rights, but also for their first world title. Hardy understands the magnitude of this event all too well.

“This would be my first world title. I’ve had international titles, I’ve had secondary titles, but this is my chance to be a world champion,” said Hardy to Round By Round Boxing during her media day workout at Mendez Gym in New York City. “I can hang my banner in Gleason’s Gym and cement my legacy. I’m not letting that go.”

Fighting for a world title is a big enough event in itself, but there’s something happening that night that’s a bit bigger then that prestigious title and that’s fighting on HBO. A platform many female boxers seldomly are afforded.

“I’m really thankful to everyone because if it had not been for everyone then this would not have been taken this seriously,” said Hardy. “This is especially huge to me because I’ve dedicated my entire career to reducing the pay gap between men and women in the sport. So it’s just really satisfying to be on the last HBO boxing broadcast.”

Hardy is without a doubt grateful and thankful for the opportunity to be fighting on HBO, but she’s completely focused on winning and not getting caught up in the magnitude of this fight.

“Winning is what pays the bills,” said Hardy. “Winning is what’s going to keep me relevant and I just refuse to lose. It doesn’t matter if it was going to be on HBO or not I’m gonna beat this girls ass anywhere.”

HBO has been a boxing juggernaut for several years and many are saddened to hear that they will no longer broadcast boxing events going forward.

This may very well be the last boxing card HBO ever puts on. If this truly is their last card, presenting this opportunity to these young ladies is a great way to end their unbelievable boxing run.

To say Hardy is prepared for this moment is an understatement.

“I’ll will die in there to get that title,” said Hardy as she closed her media day workout.

Come October 27, if Hardy is able to win, it’ll close the chapter on this rivalry. If it’s anything like the first fight, it should be a good one.


Photos by Brant Wilson/Round By Round Boxing

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