How To Win Money Betting On Boxing

How To Win Money Betting On Boxing

Boxing has been around many years, but its popularity has not wavered one bit over the years. If anything, the sport has only grown more and more popular as time has passed.

You combine this with the fact that there are now more online casinos and betting sites available than ever before, and it should be easy to see how boxing is such a lucrative betting sport.

That being said, one can’t just jump right into the world of boxing betting. If you want to be successful there are some things you’re going to need to be aware of beforehand.

The Right Research

Anyone getting into sports betting knows that research is pertinent. This is especially true when it comes to boxing, but for many, it isn’t just a matter of research. It’s a matter of what research is the right research. Most novice gamblers are likely just going to look at the records of the fighters and assume that’s enough. Of course, a guy who is 3 and 0 isn’t going to look as good as a guy that is 15 and 0.

While this can tell you a lot, it doesn’t tell you everything about the upcoming fight. It doesn’t tell you how long the fighters have been fighting at the weight class they’ll be meeting at. It doesn’t tell you about the fighter’s history in the type of arena they’re meeting in. It might seem like a lot, but you could learn pertinent information from going back and watching every fight of the two fighter’s careers.

Always Calculate Implied Probabilities

Numbers are extremely important when it comes to boxing betting. There are tons of numbers one can look at when it comes to boxing, especially when you are betting with quality sites like judi online. That being said, the first numbers most people usually look at are the Moneyline odds. This is going to tell you who the favorite and underdog are.

A favored fighter might look like something like a -400 or higher. While a -400 might seem like the odds are stacked against a specific fighter, you want to consider utilizing a probability calculator. There are tons of tools available for gamblers today, but the probability calculator is perhaps one of the most pertinent. It’ll tell you that a fighter with -500 odds has an 83.3 percent chance of winning any upcoming fight.

Don’t Forget About Prop Bets

There is nothing wrong with opting out of a bet. This is especially true when the odds are stacked heavily against one fighter. Who wants to put $100 on a fight and only walk away for $110? Where’s the thrill in that? Where’s the payoff? They simply aren’t there, and this is why it also pays to take advantage of prop bets.

You have to remember that there is much more to bet on in the sport of boxing than the victor of the fight. You can bet on the method in with the fighter will win, you can bet on the method in which they will win, and you can bet on the fact whether the ref will have to step in or not. There are simply tons of betting action you can take advantage of here, rather than just the chosen winner.

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