Jermall Charlo

Jermall Charlo Cements Himself as a Mainstay Atop Middleweight

In the first main event of the Charlo doubleheader Showtime Pay-Per-View, Jermall Charlo (31-0) defeated Sergiy Derevyanchenko.

Amanda Westcott/Showtime

In the first main event of the Charlo Doubleheader on Showtime Pay-Per-View, Jermall “Hitman” Charlo (31-0, 22 KOs) put his WBC Middleweight title on the line against challenger and top contender Sergiy “The Technician” Derevyanchenko (13-3, 10 KOs) in what was expected to be a true 50-50 fight between two of the divisions elite fighters. 

Charlo, sporting an all-black fight kit, approached and entered the ring with a calculated focus;  a precursor to the type of performance he would inevitably put on. 

The first round acted as many believed it would; a high-level feel out round where both fighters showed a clear respect for the other. Towards the end of the round, it was clear Charlo would try to utilize his long jab and reach advantage in order to have success in the bout. 

On the other hand, it was evident from the beginning that Derevyanchenko would attempt to utilzie his jab as well, particularly to get inside of Charlos reach and utilize his pressure style that has become a signature of his style. 

The action began to heat up towards the middle of the third round, Charlo having success with a piercing jab and some combination while Derevyanchenko also had some success getting in range to get off his own combinations. 

However, moments before the round ended, Charlo landed a strong right that nearly sent Derevyanchenko to the canvas. The end of the round almost certainly saved him from a 10-8 round. 

In the fourth, Derevyanchenko looked to come out to dispel any thoughts that he was hurt, releasing a number of combinations and upping his output significantly.

Even so, Charlo continued with his composure, countering and landing a number of his own shots including a strong left uppercut that appeared to have stunned Derevyanchenko. 

The fifth round was action packed, with Derevyanchenko having more success getting in range and on the inside. Charlo also had success inside however, likely landing the bigger shots and opening up a cut on Derevyanchenko’s eye with a left hook. 

The sixth round saw action similar to the one before, with Derevyanchenko likely having his best round of the fight. Charlo showed that he was more than willing to stay in the phone booth with Derevyanchenko and exchange blows. 

The seventh round provided another fantastic round of action, Charlo landing a number of thudding jabs that began to severely damage Derevyanchenko’s face.

Derevyanchenko was not without success in the round, landing combinations punctuated by strong left hooks. Charlo seemed to be barely bothered by the shots, while Derevyanchenko seemed to stumble a few times following a Charlo shot.

The eighth round acted as Derevyanchenko’s best round, landing a number of body shots mixed with head shots which Charlo was certainly feeling throughout the round, for maybe the first time in the fight. However, once more Charlo punctuated the round with a strong blow that wobbled  Derevyanchenko, this time with a thudding right hand. 

Charlo effectively controlled the ninth round, landing a plethora of ranging hard shots accompanied by effective defense. Charlo was certainly less interested in the phone booth style of the previous rounds, making Derevyanchenko pay for attempting to get inside and controlling the ring and further damaging the challenger’s face. 

The 10th round was a good comeback round for The Technician, who looked to be fading severely following the ninth. Charlo began to reimplement an effective jab which at least tightened the round if not won it for the champion.

The championship rounds brought more of the same, highly contested action edged by the champion. Derevyanchenko once again displayed incredible durability with the strength of shots he was able to absorb without tasting the canvas throughout the fight. 

Ultimately, Charlo won a hard fought well deserved unanimous victory in which he controlled the pace of throughout. Importantly, he may have controlled the bout better than the previous two champions that had faced the relentless challenger.

Charlo likely would have liked to finish the perennial Middleweight contender, but was able to fend him off and convincingly cement himself as one of the best fighters at 160, if not the entire world, against his first true test at Middleweight. 

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