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Keith Thurman Defeats Shawn Porter in Exciting Battle

It was the fight that Al Haymon’s PBC series so desperately needed, and it sure as hell delivered. After a grueling 12 rounds of hard leather being traded, Keith “One Time” Thurman came out on top to a chorus of boos at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

Porter came out blazing in the first round digging to the body and never let up. Around the third round, Thurman’s boxing IQ kicked in as he rocked Porter with multiple counterpunches, stiffening “Showtime’s” legs.

But Porter kept after Thurman, bum rushing him against the ropes repeatedly and punishing the body over and over. Thurman spent the majority of the fight on the ropes, but landed very clear and effective power punches when the fight was brought to the center of the ring.

When the unanimous 115-113 scorecards were read, it was clear that the crowd felt Porter had actually won the bout as they cheered for the Ohio native and booed Florida’s Thurman.

Thurman took a number of jeers from the crowd when he compared himself to Muhammad Ali in the post-fight interview, saying that he was going out of his way to “Rope a Dope” Porter.

It seemed at first glance however that Thurman was being pressured into the ropes and not intentionally having Porter wear himself down as he implied.

The win for Thurman opens up a number of potential opponents in the Welterweight division who are attached to Al Haymon’s PBC including Danny Garcia, Amir Khan and supposedly retired Floyd Mayweather Jr. Even Shawn Porter is in the mix in those talks.

“We need that rematch,” said Porter.

“I know the fans want that rematch. If he gives me another chance, I’m going to work hard in the ring and leave with his title.”


Who did you think won the fight?

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