Kubrat Pulev Brings His Own Video Evidence To The Table

Mikey Williams/Top Rank

We’ve all seen the video by now. The one where current Heavyweight contender Kubrat Pulev (27-1, 14 KOs) inappropriately kissed reporter Jenny Ravalo aka Jenny SuShe.

Was it actually inappropriate? That is hard to say after new videos of the aftermath of that situation have surfaced. Let’s back track a bit and start from the beginning.

On Saturday, March 23, 2019 Pulev put on an absolute clinic in stopping Bogdan Dinu in the seventh round. After the contest, Pulev found himself in an interview with reporter SuShe. Nothing was out of the ordinary. That was true up until Pulev laid a massive kiss on the lips of the reporter.

It was quite shocking and unprofessional to say the least. SuShe would then go on to hire well-known women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred. She also would go in the public eye and claim that Pulev grabbed her backside and asked her to delete the video of the kiss.

Things were not looking good for Pulev. He was seen on camera kissing SuShe, so her words could be viewed as credible right? You may want to switch your answer as you continue to read.

During SuShe’s press conference, she said that she attended an after-fight party in order to interview more fighters. Little did she know that she was recorded by the brother of Pulev giving a provocative dance at said after party.

To make matters worse, the person on the receiving end of that dance was one of Pulev’s good friends. The video spread quickly.

SuShe was seen in the video dancing on the lap of one of Pulev’s friends with her shirt buttoned down revealing much of her breasts. She looked as though she was having a good time.

If you listen to the video you can even hear SuShe say something to the effect of, “Wait, f*ck there’s no video right?”

It seems pretty clear that SuShe did not want this video to surface. Pulev has come out with his own statements saying that he will be ready for the next steps in this process and that he has even more video to prove his innocence.

“I’m not afraid, I also have more videos if necessary,” said Pulev (via Boxing Scene).

Pulev made claims that he did not grab her backside as she claimed and that after the entire incident it was SuShe that came up to him and complimented him on his performance.

“After the fight, she then came to our hotel lobby for a party,” said Pulev. “She was happy, laughed and made a lot of compliments. Tell me that I’m the best, the most handsome.”

This situation gets stickier and sticker by the day. Although the video does show Pulev kiss SuShe, the more recent videos shows SuShe dancing on the friends of Pulev and looking as though she did not want that to be recorded.

Does this new video make Pulev right for kissing SuShe? Absolutely not. However with that being said it doesn’t paint SuShe in the most favorable light as well.

Pulev claims to have even more videos that will prove that it is SuShe who is wrong in this situation. If Pulev and his team are reading this then do us all a favor and release more footage so we can all pass judgement.

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