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Martin Murray vs. Gabriel Rosado Fight-Night Preview

Murray vs. Rosado

Martin Murray (34-4-1, 16 KOs) and Gabriel Rosado (23-10, 13 KOs) will go toe-to-toe this Saturday night April 22, at Liverpool’s Echo Arena.

This fight is expected to be a brutal brawl between two fighters who are putting it all on the line– both men feel this is a must win fight for them.

Rosado has only won two fights since 2013 so he is looking to prove he’s still a top contender, while Murray is looking to secure another title shot.

“This fight with Martin Murray is one that I believe I’m getting at the right time, because he’s someone who needs the win too. That means he’s got to meet me head-on in the middle of the ring and basically just have a fight with me,” said Rosado.

“I’ve watched Murray and I know about Murray and there always seems to be a stage in his fights where he opens up and just goes for it and that’s what I’m going to make him do. The pair of us are going to stand there and just go all out and see who wants it more,” said Rosado.

Murray is excited for the opportunity to face Rosado–expecting an explosive encounter with the Philadelphia native, who is always involved in exciting bouts.

Murray ended 2016 with a hard-fought win against Nuhu Lawal and is hoping a win against Rosado will propel himself back up in the rankings.

“No disrespect, but if I can’t beat Rosado then my dreams of winning a world title are over,” said Murray.

“He’s been beaten by all the top boys. He gives it a good go, he puts it all on the line, but he’s fallen short,” said Murray.

Rosado is known to be a resilient warrior in the ring with most of his fights ending in a blood bath and while Murray isn’t afraid to exchange, he is also very ring savvy.

Many are expecting an all-out war, but with Murray’s ring IQ, once he feels Rosado’s power we could see him taking a more defensive approach in this fight. Nonetheless, this makes for a very intriguing fight because this is an “all or nothing” fight for both men.

“All or nothing? There will always be fights there, but in terms of winning a world title, if I lose on Saturday they’re over,” said Murray.

“It’s a big fight. Martin Murray is aiming for one last shot at the title and so am I, so it’s a fight where it is all or nothing,” said Rosado.

This Middleweight clash is guaranteed to be an action-packed fight with both men planning to leave it all in the ring.

This is yet another great matchup for boxing fans. Who will come out victorious Saturday night? Will Rosado be able to upset the St. Helen native in Liverpool or will Murray prove he deserves another title shot?

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