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Memorable Boxing References in Rap Music

Memorable Boxing References in Rap Music

Boxing and hip-hop music have long had a strong connection. There have been countless instances over the history of the two entities where they have intersected.

Anymore, it is uncommon to see a boxing event that doesn’t have at least a couple of high profile rappers in attendance and rap music coursing through the arena throughout the night.

Hip hop has boxing embedded within it.

Most often think of songs like “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J and “Cant Be Touched” by pound-for-pound boxing great (and rapper) Roy Jones Jr. when considering boxing within rap music.

However, there have been countless instances of “new age” hip-hop that has been littered with boxing references.

Here are seven boxing references, in no particular order, that stuck out to me in rap songs.

“I feel like Mayweather in May weather, whoop the right n**** a** it might pay better.”

The Game – Step Up

Floyd Mayweather was well known for fighting during the Cinco De Mayo weekend, a boxing holiday of sorts, and always seemed to have a high profile opponent.

They don’t call him “Money” for nothing.

“Walking off with it like Sonny Liston.”

Young Thug- Pick Up The Phone by Travis Scott & Young Thug

Pretty simple line here; Sonny Liston was believed by some to have taken a dive in the second Muhammad Ali bout with the infamous “phantom punch” due to his connection and involvement with the mob.

The world may never know.

“Trigger finger fast like Floyd, but punch like AB.”

Lil Durk- No Auto by Lil Uzi Vert featuring Lil Durk

Floyd Mayweather has always been well known for his boxing skill and his blistering speed. Meanwhile, Adrien Broner, once dubbed the “next” Mayweather is known to pack a significant amount of punching power.

In this line, Lil Durk is stating is saying he’s quick to pull the trigger, but that it also packs some power, much like a left hook from Broner.

“Young chosen one, Golden Boy, De La Hoya

Chance The Rapper- I Might Need Security

Long before Oscar De La Hoya was a polarizing fight promoter, he was the young Mexican American heartthrob that captured the attention of the world with his dazzling skill, pleasant demeanor and good looks.

Chance The Rapper feels he embodies the same type of appeal as “The Golden Boy” once did.

“Put 100 thousand on Mayweather.”

Nipsey Hussle

“I put mine on Pacquaio ’cause his s*** pays better.”

The Game – Ha Ha

The late great Nipsey Hussle often preached making sure-footed investments. There is no safer bet in all of sports than placing money on Floyd Mayweather.

Conversely, The Game states he prefers placing his money on Manny Pacquiao due to the fact that Mayweather was often so heavily favored to the degree that a potential payout was barely worth the minimal risk. 

“Talk shit to these n****, Adrien Broner, but secure the win tho don’t let the game fold you.”

YG – Last Time That I Checc’d by Nipsey Hussle featuring YG

Adrien Broner has become very well known in the last couple of years for two things. Talking trash and folding in big fights.

I’m personally not a fan of “Broner Bashing,” (he is a multiple weight world champion) but in recent history his track record speaks for itself. 

“Out of town champ like Mayweather, just bought a new crib off the boxing ring.”

Roddy Rich – Every Season

Just like Floyd Mayweather, Roddy Rich is able to get rich and buy a house off of his specialty.

Boxing brought Mayweather more than just a house and rap will likely bring Roddy Rich much more than that as well.

What are some of your favorite boxing references in hip hop? Comment below and let us know.

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