Mosley vs. Mayorga 2: Grudge Match

Mosley Mayorga 2 Poster

LOS ANGELES (August 3, 2015) – Future Hall-of-Fame Boxer “Sugar” Shane Mosley has more than just one fight on his hands with the announcement of his independently promoted Pay-Per-View and live boxing match against Ricardo Mayorga on Saturday, August 29th at the Forum in Inglewood, CA.

In addition to his upcoming battle in the ring, Mosley is also the solo promoter of this comeback grudge match against Ricardo Mayorga. Through his independent promotion, Mosley is fighting, not only to overthrow his opponent, but to challenge the monopoly of big shot promoters. Mosley insists that powerful promoters often take away from the sport with their internal politics and make the big fights inaccessible to the general fan base.

Mosley’s promotion company, GoBox Promotions, will broadcast Mosley v Mayorga 2 live at 10 pm ET/7 pm PT on Pay-Per-View in the USA and Canada via all cable and satellite providers for under $50. This way, Mosley has made the fight affordable for the majority of boxing fans, while still being able to recoup his million dollar investment. Tickets start at $35 and go on sale to the general public at noon on Tuesday, August 4, 2015. Tickets are available through the Forum’s box office and

GoBox is also providing a promotional code to its extensive list of fans who have pre-registered for tickets, which will contribute to the rapid rate of expected ticket sales. This code will be valid ONLY from Tuesday, August 4th at Noon until Wednesday, August 5th at Noon, and will be good for 10% off regularly priced tickets. Fans can register for the pre-sale list at

“There has never been an independent Pay-Per-View from a fighter of my status. It sets precedent when a fighter can make a match without caring about boxing politics, like who he or his opponent are signed with,” said Mosley in a recent statement. “The monopoly that exists in the boxing world is getting worse with every fight. The sport and the fans don’t deserve that, so I’m taking a stand and promoting this fight. I’m asking my fans for their support through the purchase of the Pay-Per-View or by coming out to the live event. Please stand with me now so we can bring real boxing back!”

During the Mosley v Mayorga fight of July 18, 2008 in Carson, California, Mosley fulfilled his legacy of action packed fights, winning by KO in the final round and final moment of the fight. Mosley is the only boxer in history to knock out his opponent with one second remaining in a fight. After his loss in the fight, Mayorga refused to let Mosley rest without having his chance at redemption. He continuously badgered Mosley via Twitter until the social media war evolved into a real war in the ring. Mayorga was asked about his chances of winning this rematch 7 years in the making and stated, “[Mosley] has too much confidence, he doesn’t remember that I gave him a really good beating in 2008. It was luck, not skill that he won! I am not leaving this fight up to luck, I’m coming back to get Mosley like a butcher comes for his pig! He comes for blood, and so do I.” [original quote translated from Spanish]

On Saturday, August 29th, Mayorga will seek his revenge and Mosley will simultaneously battle against large-scale boxing promoters. In both fights—Mosley can’t afford to lose. Mosley v Mayorga 2 will be the first fight under Mosley’s newly formed promotion company, GoBox Promotions.

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