Orlando Salido and Takashi Miura Clash on December 17

Takashi Miura vs. Orlando Salido

Nothing is more entertaining than two elite fighters facing off in an action-packed boxing match. This is what fans will be treated to on December 17 when Takashia Miura battles Orlando Salido.

Takashi Miura vs. Orlando Salido

Nothing is more entertaining than two elite fighters facing off in an all-time boxing match. In one corner you have an exciting come-forward veteran boxer who will give his life in the ring and will therefore stop at nothing to beat the odds.

In the other corner, you have a tough-as-nails hard-hitting boxing puncher, ready to prove to everyone why he is the best and most feared man in the Junior lightweight division.

Both men will display a will of courage, resilience and determination as they fight each other for a shot to face the WBC Junior lightweight champion of the world. This fight is the example of clashing styles because “title fights don’t make fights, styles make fights.”

Orlando Salido (43-13-4, 30 KOs), is a veteran Mexican warrior who has the ability and experience to make a tough fight for any elite boxer who steps into the ring with him.

With an outstanding professional record, Salido has seen it all. He knows every trick in the book to confuse the most astute fighters the sport has to offer.

Salido has been through many fights, and has had a huge goal in his career that he’s failed to accomplish just yet. His goal is to obtain the WBC green title belt that his childhood hero Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. once held. His reach of that belt has always been within a few finger tips away from his possession.

In his upcoming fight against Takashi Miura (30-3-2-23, KOs), he will get perhaps one final chance at fighting for the WBC title belt if he emerges victorious. With this in mind, Salido is expected to come forward at any cost in order to accomplish his life long goal at becoming the WBC champion of the world.

Miura is one of the most feared men in the Junior Lightweight division and has earned his reputation by a display of great skill, punching power and resilience. With each fight this man has, the more avoided he becomes.

Although Miura has great potential and good boxing craft, he is the type of fighter that doesn’t have the type of advertising marquee name because although he has a great professional record, he’s hardly known by casual boxing fans in the United States.

It’s only the hardcore boxing fanatics that know of him. His popularity finally had a breakthrough in his last fight against current Junior Lightweight WBC champion, Francisco Vargas.

Although the fight was stopped by the referee, due to accumulated punches, Miura helped to make the match a Fight of the Year for 2015 in the eyes of many publications, including the Boxing Writers Association of America. His fight against Vargas is what boxing is all about, two men equally matched, narrowing down to a fight of will and heart.

This time around, Miura will come into his scheduled fight against Salido, fully prepared and ready for war, for he is hungry for the shot at redeeming himself against Vargas.

Miura and Vargas have unfinished business that needs to be settled and the way the first bout went, Miura vs. Vargas even has the potential to make for a trilogy if Miura beats Salido.

Among the many fights boxing has produced, Fight of the Year winners are forever engraved in boxing history, becoming fights that will be long remembered.

Salido vs. Miura has all the qualities to be 2016’s best fight. Both men have so much to gain, and so much to lose against each other.

Regardless of who emerges as the winner, the real winners will be the fans when these two titans clash on December 17.

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