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Our Fight

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Our Fight (Nuestra Lucha)

Our Fight (Nuestra Lucha) examines the lives of two Latino boxers as they struggle to advance in the highly competitive sport of boxing.

Jennifer Salinas, a USA woman’s pro boxer and first generation American of Bolivian descent raised in the suburbs of Detroit, is a mother of four who wants to prove that she is entitled to get back into the ring after a one year absence from the sport she loves so that she could have her third child.

Salinas has accumulated an impressive championship record that belies the fact that she is not only female, but is additionally a member of the minority Hispanic community making her success in this male dominated sport doubly difficult.

Elias Roca is an amateur fighter who hails from the extremely impoverished village of Tarija, in a region of Bolivia that produces more fans and players of the sport of football, (soccer) than boxing which is considered an oddity.

Roca, whose family barely scrapes by in poverty, is determined to bring financial security and honour to his mother and father with his skills and gritty determination. Roca struggles to make his mark and enter the world of professional boxing, representing Bolivia and his family.

Our Fight (Nuestra Lucha) chronicles the story of these two uniquely different but compelling Bolivian fighters on the road to success and personal achievement in the highly competitive world of professional boxing.

Our Fight (Nuestra Lucha) is directed by Sergio Bastani and produced by Angry Llama Productions, Marco Sanzetenea, creator and producer.
Score by Sergio Medina

Copyright © 2012, Angry Llama Productions. All Rights Reserved.

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“Our Fight” – Trailer 1 Español

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