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Peter Quillin Gets Beat Up By Alfredo Angulo

The fans at the Rabobank Theater, in Bakersfield, California were left in shock. What was supposed to be a routine victory for former Middleweight champion Peter Quillin (34-2-1, 23 KOs) turned out to be a tough fight against Alfredo Angulo (26-7, 21 KOs). 

When the opening bell rang, Angulo looked slow and lethargic. He plodded around the ring throwing shots that could be seen a mile away. Quillin looked like he was in control.

He boxed circles around Angulo and hit him whenever he wanted. Even ringside commentator and current Heavyweight contender  Dominic Breazeale was amazed at how slow Angulo looked out there. 

When looking closely, the match resembled more of a sparring contest. It was only a matter of time before the former champion closed the show. Without warning however, what was first a routine win turned into the fight of his life. 

The come forward, pressure-based style by Angulo began to work. He landed big shots which caught the attention of Quillin. With each round that passed, Quillin looked worse and worse as he got tagged with shot after shot.

By the midway point of the fight, Quillin’s legs were gone, which made him a sitting duck for Angulo’s power shots. Somehow, he didn’t go down, but he certainly felt the power that his opponent was dishing out. 

It became painfully clear that Quillin had nothing left in the tank as we reached the championship rounds. Angulo, who is 37, looked great. He put the final stamp on the contest with a couple of big blows in the final round. 

When the 10th and final bell rang, the contest was somewhat still debatable as to who actually won. In the end, the judges had the final say. One judge scored the contest 96-94 in the favor of Quillin, but that score was overruled by the final two judges who scored it 96-94 and 97-93, respectively for Angulo.

Peter Quillin


Peter Quillin was terrible. I wish there was a stronger word to use, but terrible will have to do. Against a fighter who is clearly past his prime, Quillin offered nothing of note.

Thoughts of him contending for a title in the Super Middleweight division are no longer existent. 

Quillin has had a good career, but it’s time for him to retire. 

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