Boxing has been in need of a revolution–ROOQ technology might be just what the boxer ordered! Check out our detailed review.

ROOQ Boxing

Boxing has been in need of a revolution–ROOQ technology might be just what the boxer ordered!

ROOQ technology is a high-tech fitness add on that provides users with data and facts and helps you clearly identify strengths, so you know how to improve.

Whether you’re looking for high-end competition improvement, or just trying to improve your punch output and technique, ROOQ has something for every type of fitness regimen.


Top technology for your performance boost

Everything that’s included in your premium boxing equipment:

  • 2 Sensors
  • 2 Straps
  • Charging case
  • App


Track your training. The data collected shows you your current training status. It reflects your performance and shows you your potential.

Set new goals. Create your own training plans and improve yourself in the long term.

Visualize your performance. All progress is documented in the app (and Coaching Zone). Time will be your ally and your progress will be transparent.


While we received our sensors directly from ROOQ to test out and review, we were not paid for our review, nor do we have a promotional affiliate link to encourage you to buy the product.

Below is an honest review of the revolutionary ROOQ boxing sensors with feature breakdowns listed to help you make an informed decision if you’re considering purchasing this technology.

The first thing I noticed when I unboxed the ROOQ sensors is that their in-box instructions are really straight forward and easy to follow. Any time you have a product that requires and app download and or bluetooth connectivity, you’ll need some patience. Even with the multi-step setup process, ROOQ was not difficult to get going.

As someone who works with data analytics, building websites and boxing related-content all day, I would say I’m tech savvy, but I tried to put myself in the position of someone who may not be as well versed in technology and thought, “‘would this be easy for them to use and set up?'”

The answer is yes.

With the simple seven-step display that comes on the back of the box, ROOQ’s setup is easy for anyone to follow.

Again, you have to have patience, because chances are there are some firmware updates that will need to be downloaded before you can start training and tracking your progress.


After getting the app updated and the sensors charged, I put on the ROOQ straps and inserted each sensor into its corresponding strap.

While this may sound intimidating, it’s really straight forward and easy to do. Again, the seven-step picture guide even provides a visual of which way you should be inserting the ROOQ sensors into the straps.

My my first tracked session consisted of a three-minute round of shadow boxing.

As seen in the screenshot above, the ROOQ sensors tracked everything from my total punch output, to the kind of punches I threw.

After checking out my data, the first thing I thought was, “‘wow, I didn’t realize I threw zero uppercuts!'”

Aside from a punch-variety breakdown, the ROOQ sensors also provide data on the speed/velocity of your punches. While I’m not looking to get to a Deontay Wilder level of power, it’s cool to be able to track and try to improve my precision and power via data-backed training sessions when I’m hitting the heavy bag.


Once you put on the straps and insert the ROOQ boxing sensors, everything that follows is similar to a normal workout. Shadowboxing with the ROOQ’s feels the same as shadowboxing with hand wraps.

The sensors are sweat proof and shock proof, so you can also strap a pair of boxing gloves on and not worry about damaging the sensors.

One of the best thing about using the ROOQ sensors is that you don’t need to have an Apple Watch on or hold your phone in your pocket while working out.

Once you finish your workout, you simply sync and download your data into your profile via the ROOQ app.


The ROOQ boxing sensors come in at $299. When you purchase the ROOQ boxing sensors.

  • If you are not 100% satisfied, ROOQ will give you money back within the first 30 days
  • Free standard delivery of the ROOQ BOX to all countries worldwide.
  • 24-month warranty for your ROOQ BOX


One outside of the box use I found to be pretty cool that can take your workout another level is using the ROOQ boxing sensors alongside VR.

The ROOQ boxing sensors work well with the Oculus 2 VR headset. I figured if I’m going to get my butt kicked by Clubber Lang, I might as well track my fitness through it all.

Another possible use for ROOQ boxing sensors that could revolutionize the sport is in the statistical area of scoring fights. Imagine if ROOQ sensors could help judges track punch velocity, speed and variety.

Perhaps an AI judge that uses ROOQ technology to score fights? The possibilities seem endless.


As we mentioned above, the link below is not an affiliate link and does not provide us any incentive if you purchase the ROOQ boxing sensors. Check out more information by visiting the official ROOQ website.


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