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Raymundo Beltran Pummels Jonathan Maicelo in 2

Raymundo Beltran Photo by Marilyn Paulino Photo by Marilyn Paulino

In yet another of a series of strange and gut-wrenching fights today, Raymundo Beltran (33-7-1, 21 KOs) shocked New York City fight fans with a colossal knockout in the second round against Jonathan Maicelo (25-3, 13 KOs).

Beltran was officially knocked down in the first round after an accidental clash of heads. Upon getting to his feet, both Beltran’s head–as well as Maicelo’s–gushed blood. Knowing he was down significantly on the cards after only two rounds, Beltran made sure to come out roaring in the second. And roar he did.

With one of the cleanest left hooks to the head of the year so far, Beltran sent Maicelo to the shadow realm. Maicelo fell hard to the mat, his head bouncing up off the canvas multiple times. He was limp for the following few minutes as Beltran looked on, concerned.

Maicelo was removed on a stretcher, still punching as he left the ring.

As tensions began to ease, Beltran and his team celebrated the win. Beltran noted that the victory not only earned him a title shot, but a likely renewal of his green card. Beltran was emotional as he thanked the fans.

It was an impressive performance from one of boxing’s highest-level gatekeepers, and a reminder of the brutality of our sport.

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