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RBRBoxing Results: Joseph Diaz Jr. vs. Hugo Partida

Joseph Diaz 2 Lina Baker Instant Boxing Photo by Lina Baker/Instant Boxing

On Friday, December 18, 2015, Joseph Diaz Jr. took on Hugo Partida in a scheduled 10-round fight for the vacant NABF Featherweight title at the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio California.

The fight headlined a Golden Boy Card that also featured the likes of Rene Alvarado, Taishan Dong and Rafael Gramajo.

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Check out tonight’s results below.


Joseph Diaz vs. Hugo Partida, 10 rounds, Featherweights
Joseph Diaz Photo by Lina Baker Instant Boxing Photo by Lina Baker/Instant Boxing

Diaz scored an impressive second-round knockout against Partida to win the vacant NABF Featherweight title.

Diaz stopped Partida at 1:32 of Round 2.

“We came with a great game plan to land effective shots right away and to dig to the body and try to hurt him,” said Diaz.

“I dug into the body in the first round and had him hurt. And then I put some good powerful shots on top and got him out. He connected with a good shot but I didn’t feel anything at all. I just acknowledge him for getting a good shot in. I didn’t let it affect me at all. I knew that I hd to take care of business and get the win no matter what. I hope to get the top 10 guys in my division next year, fight on the bigger networks and get a title shot by the end of next year. I feel very strong at this weight, and I make the weight pretty good. I just feel like 126 is going to be my weight,” said Diaz.

Rene Alvarado vs. Andrew Cancio, 10 rounds, Featherweights
Andrew Cancio Lina Baker Instant Boxing Photo by Lina Baker/Instant Boxing

Cancio scored an upset eighth-round knockout against Alvarado.

“We knew that it was going to be a tough fight,” said Cancio.

“Rene Alvarado comes and gives it his all. I mean, he went toe-to-toe with Jo Jo Diaz Jr. earlier this year. We trained hard for this, but we felt we were stronger, harder, and faster. We trained our butts off for this. I felt some ring rust. I thought, ‘man this is a really hard fight,’ it was harder than I anticipated. I knew it was close; some rounds were mine and some rounds were his. Once my corner told me he was hurt, I started throwing combinations. I landed an uppercut and a right, and he just couldn’t get himself together so I got the TKO victory,” said Cancio.

Taishan Dong vs. Daniel Arambula, 4 rounds, Heavyweights
Taishan Dong Photo by Lina Baker Instant Boxing Photo by Lina Baker/Instant Boxing

Dong scored a unanimous decision win against Arambula. Dong was deducted a point for repeatedly pushing Arambula to the ground.

Dong won with scores of 39-36, 39-36 and 38-37.

“I’m not very happy because I wanted the knockout,” said Taishan. “I had a lot of practice, but I think I still need to train more.”

Donnie Palmer vs. Tommy Washington, 6 rounds, Heavyweights
Donnie Palmer Lina Baker Instant Boxing Photo by Lina Baker/Instant Boxing

Plamer scored a decision win against Washington. Palmer, who dropped Washington once in Round 2, won with scores of 57-56, 57-56, 56-57

“I think I had a late start. I was a little bit sluggish. I got a knock down, and I should have capitalized on that. He (Washington) gained more confidence as the fight went along, and then the fight became a little harder. He is a great fighter, he did awesome. Thank you to Golden Boy for the opportunity. It was a humbling experience. I need to hit the gym some more,” said Palmer.

Jon Jon Dinong vs. Deartie Tucker, 4 rounds, Super Welterweights

Dinong made his debut with a second-round knockout against Tucker.

“I was trying to stay pretty relaxed and keep calm. I noticed I wasn’t getting as many shots in the first round because I think I was too relaxed. I came back to the corner after the first round, and they told me to pick it up a bit so I came back and got him in the corner, threw punches and then got him.”

Rafael Gramajo vs. Michael Gaxiola, 4 rounds, Super Bantamweights
Rafael Gramajo Lina Baker Instant Boxing Photo by Lina Baker/Instant Boxing

Gramajo scored a six-round unanimous decision victory against Gaxiola. Gramajo won with scores of 59-54, 59-54 and 60-53.

“We put in work, we did pressure, we fought a fight and that is what we came to do,” said Gramajo. “We knew we would have to be aggressive. I started off slow to work the guy and check him out to see what he’s got and we knew we had to start working. He was a tough opponent. Thank you to Golden Boy Promotions and my team at Westside Boxing Club for their support,” said Gramajo.

Marco Magdaleno vs. Jonathan Rosales, 4 rounds, Super Lightweights
Marco Magdaleno Lina Baker Instant Boxing Photo by Lina Baker/Instant Boxing

Magdaleno scored a four-round unanimous decision victory against Rosales.

Magdaleno won with scores of 40-36, 40-36 and 40-36.

Oscar Torres vs. Evincii Dixon, 6 rounds, Super Welterweights
Oscar Torres Photo by Lina Baker Instant Boxing Photo by Lina Baker/Instant Boxing

Torres scored a decision win against Dixon.

“We were prepared for this fight,” said Torres. “In the opening, he was very slick. He has a lot of experience, but I worked out in the gym and was ready for that. He didn’t surprise me. He was very strong. I punched him very hard, but he didn’t react, it was like nothing to him and he remained calm. I was ready to fight and I did. He is a good fighter, too,” said Torres.

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