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Staff Predictions | Claressa Shields vs. Christina Hammer

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On Saturday, April 13, 2019, women’s boxing steps into the limelight as one of the most anticipated boxing matchups–featuring men or women–finally takes place as undefeated fighters, Claressa Shields and Christina Hammer, put their belts on the line to crown an undisputed Middleweight champion.

Check out the Round By Round Boxing staff predictions for Claressa Shields vs. Christina Hammer and let us know who you think will win this fight.

Round By Round Boxing Staff Predictions - 2019

NameWinLossTotal FightsWin Percentage
Alan Garcia1120.5
Alex Burgos6280.75
Amber Williams5270.71428571428571
Andrew Kang4150.8
Brandon Glass2130.66666666666667
Brianna Rodriguez000!ERROR! division by zero
CJ Halloran3141.5
Eric Ramos1120.5
Hans Themistode2130.66666666666667
Joseph Hammond1120.5
Joseph Rodriguez4044
Joshua Diaz5160.83333333333333
Julio Sanchez1120.5
Michael Burnell5051
Peter Nieves000!ERROR! division by zero
Porfirio Barron Jr.000!ERROR! division by zero
R.L. Woodson8081
Robert Contreras2021

Claressa Shields
Christina Hammer

Robert Contreras, Staff Writer/Managing Editor at

Claressa Shields is perhaps more crude than Christina Hammer, but the brights lights of an American prizefight can be themselves a challenge for any visiting fighter.

With a partisan crowd behind her, or at least familiar soil, Shields should be able to muscle her opponent into fighting her type of close-quarter scrum. Shields UD.

Prediction: Shields


R.L. Woodson, Staff Writer

We could dig into some tactical advantages and disadvantages, we could weigh Claressa Shields’ athleticism versus Christina Hammer’s mix of experience and length, and we could contrast styles.

However, this bout will come down to competitive spirit. Based on competitive spirit, Shields will adapt, figure it out along the way and win a minimum of seven rounds.

Prediction: Shields


Joshua Diaz, Staff Writer

Clarissa Shields has been waiting for this fight for well over a year. She believes she is not only the stronger puncher, but a better boxer overall.

Shields proves she’s on the path of the GWOAT by dominating Christina Hammer.

Prediction: Shields


Alan Garcia, Staff Writer

A bold man makes a bold prediction—Christina Hammer wins… and possibly by knockout.

I am not counting Claressa Shields out and I don’t deny she can pull off a stunning win, however, assuming that both women will give it their best and use all of their skills and attributes, the veteran experience that Hammer possesses over Shields will invigorate with each passing round and eventually surmount to determine the outcome of the fight.

As long as Hammer sticks to her jab and combination punching, her systematic breakdown will open the door towards the possibility of a knockout over an exhausted Shields.

I believe Christina will “Hammer” the first loss on Claressa’s resume come Saturday night.

Prediction: Hammer


Michael Burnell, Staff Writer

This is certainly the premiere match in female boxing and they will bring the smoke.

Christina Hammer has 24 fights (and wins), Claressa Shields has eight fights (and wins) but an excellent amateur acumen.

There will be no knockout, but expect Shields’ Olympic experience to make the difference.

Prediction: Shields


Amber Williams, Photographer

Prediction: Shields


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

This is at good as it gets. Two young, undefeated champions putting everything on the line to crown the undisputed Middleweight champion.

The men should take note! This is how you secure your legacy.

Claressa Shields is not afraid to move up or down in weight because she knows she has to seek out the challenges. She doesn’t have the luxury that men do, and lucky for her she’s found a bad ass at 160 pounds who is a champion and is willing to fight.

Make no mistake about it, these two don’t like each other and that should make for some high drama inside the ring. In the end though, I believe Shields is cut from a different cloth. Too athletic, too gifted and too much for Hammer.

Prediction: Shields

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