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Staff Predictions | Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence Jr.


On Saturday May 27, 2017, Kell Brook will make his fourth IBF Welterweight world title defense against undefeated U.S. star Errol Spence Jr. at Bramall Lane in Sheffield, England.

The 50/50 fight promises to be an exciting one and will air live on Showtime at 5:15 pm, EST/2:15 pm, PST.

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Kell Brook
Errol Spence Jr.

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Liam Brady, Graphic Designer/Staff Writer

After much consideration, I am fairly confident with choosing Kell Brook as the winner. As much as Errol Spence is a technically gifted fighter, with what seems to be menacing power, I feel his defensive ability is inferior to Kell Brook’s, who also has better boxing ability, in my opinion.

Elaborating, it can be argued that Spence has lacked head movement in his previous fights, which has lead to him being hit a few more times, by inferior competition, than a fighter of his level should be.

Furthermore, his jabbing hand is oftentimes low, which is something Brook could capitalize on–particularly with the straight right. Though, it has to be said that he is tenacious and powerful in the ring, and has destroyed his opposition to date. However, I feel these defensive issues may be crucial in defining the narrative of the fight, especially considering the fact that elite level fights are impacted by small details.

I feel Brook, if he starts good, could totally outbox and dominate Spence, which will be facilitated by the above-mentioned openings, and defensive lapses, which Spence offers. Brook works on anticipation and can be seen twitching in advance of a punch being thrown. I see him waiting for Spence to make the first move, feinting, and then landing one of his signature counter punches, like a straight right or check hook. I don’t think Spence has the stamina to be persistent like Porter, so Brook may not have to be on the back foot as much, though I see him being defensive for most of the fight, rather than aggressive.

Additionally, I believe Brook has to utilize his clinching, especially when Spence is nearby and ready to land vicious hooks to the body and head. Brook can also be canny on the inside too, and is able to slip out of a clinch and swiftly land a right hand from a short distance, which startles the opponent. I can see this being a frustrating fight for viewers, due to the impasses caused by clinches, à la Porter–Brook. Though, at the same time, Brook will be executing a proficient game plan, in order to come out victorious against what is the best welterweight prospect today. It’s hard to say a specific outcome, but I think it’s more likely that Brook will win this fight via decision.

Prediction: Brook


Joseph Rodriguez, Staff Writer

What makes this fight intriguing is the fact that much of the boxing public is still trying to gauge how good each fighter is.

Kell Brook’s best win came against Sean Porter just a few months shy of three years ago. Spence has ran through lessor caliber opponents but has also disposed of former world titleholder Chris Algieri, with ease. The matchup should bring the best in each fighter. I think Brook is the more agile and athletic of the two fighters and possess the superior hand speed and footwork.

Spence is calculated in his approach and takes a few rounds to find his rhythm. In the end I feel Spence will give away the early rounds in a close fight, which will ultimately be the difference. Spence will make a strong push toward the mid rounds and possibly drop Brook but Brook will still edge out a close split decision.

Prediction: Spence


Mike Burnell, Staff Writer

This weekend’s clash featuring IBF welterweight champion Kell “Special K” Brook (36-1, 25 KOs) v Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr (21-0, 18 KOs) has the potential to be one of the best fights of 2017.

Champion Brook has suffered only one defeat which came in a spirited effort two weight classes north against middleweight boogeyman Gennady Golovkin.

While “Special K” has faced stronger competition than Spence he has also become accustomed to having the home field advantage in the vast majority of his fights. This affair is no different as they slip through the ropes at Bramall Lane Football Ground in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

This will be a new venture for the mega talented southpaw Errol Spence Jr however, as has never fought professionally anywhere other than North America.

This will be a big step for Spence who has undeniable skill but it his powerhouse promotional team appears unconcerned being the visiting team facing off with an experienced champion.

Be prepared for an excellent night of boxing that will feature plenty of back and forth action and several swings in momentum.

This fight is the epitome of a pick ‘em match and it is not without reservation that I believe a flash knockdown late in the fight will be the deciding factor with Brook emerging victorious by a razor-thin decision.

Prediction: Brook


Eric Ramos, Staff Writer

Prediction: Spence


Ty Paul, Staff Writer

This is a tremendous title fight on paper. Errol Spence is this close to being a legitimate superstar in this sport, but he has win on Saturday in front of Kell Brook’s hometown fans at Bramall Lane. Both fighters are extremely athletic in their own right. Spence has great power from a southpaw stance, and uses his stiff jab to control his opponent. He goes to the body with wicked vigor and is underrated defensively. Brook can hit you with either hand and you will feel it. He has great footwork and can break you down by out-boxing you.

The two biggest telling points in this fight for Brook to me are: How does Brook handle coming back down to 147 from 160? He could have moved up to 154, after admitting he had a hard time making 147. He’s looked great in workout photos trimming back down, but it’s a different story in the ring. Also, how will his broken orbital bone hold up? Spence could key on that side of his face with his rangy power hooks he throws.

For Spence, it’s his first time fighting in the U.K. and will be the first match up where he is facing a opponent with as much power as him. How will the Texan react after getting hit flush? It’s going to be telling to see how Spence reacts to adversity on Saturday night.

When it comes down to it, I think Spence is special. He has it all in what the welterweight division is looking for, in one of the three most glamorous divisions in the sport. I see Spence having his moments early on. His power and speed could surprise Brook. The champion isn’t going to go away without a fight, as you saw in his brave performance against GGG.

Brook will settle down from the pressure on his home soil and make adjustments and try to box Spence from the outside. Too much Spence in the end, though. Youth will prevail here with Spence taking over in the later rounds. He’ll overwhelm Brook with his punches in bunches. This win should catapult Spence into not just one of the best Welterweights in the world, but one of the better fighters on the planet.

Prediction: Spence


Brandon Glass, Staff Writer

I’m going with Errol Spence. The sparring session rumors surrounding Spence are that of tall tales. Strangely, none of them have been refuted, which is usually the case with those types of rumors.

Also, I like Kell Brook, but history has “mostly” been unkind to fighters who go up in weight for a big fight, but then try to come back down and resume their career at their usual weight.

No doubt Brook is capable of winning here. Not only is the fight is in his backyard, but he has edges in experience and caliber of opponent. His southpaw streak–he has beaten seven southpaw, all by knockout–is relevant and highly touted as he refers to himself as the “southpaw slayer” going in to this fight.

This is a tall order for Spence, but I just believe he’s ready. There’s something special about the Texas native’s style. I believe he will settle in, break Brook down, and possibly stop him down the stretch.

Prediction: Spence


Amber Williams, Photographer

Prediction: Spence


Chris Nicastro, Staff Writer

Jesus this is a tough one. I think a lot of factors are gonna play in here: how is Errol Spence going to react to a hostile crowd? How’s Kell Brook’s eye doing after the GGG fight? How will Spence deal with a guy who can crack? How will Brook nullify the body shots on the inside against a guy who *doesn’t* smother his own in-fighting (Sorry, Shawn)?

One thing I do know: Brook doesn’t take body shots well (see vs. GGG) and that’s Spence’s wheelhouse.

I think Spence is a little hungrier and knows he’s gotta KO the hometown guy to win. I like Spence by late stoppage, but I’m not confident in this.

Prediction: Spence


Alan Garcia, Staff Writer

Wow, now this is a real fight worth predicting. This fight is honestly a toss-up with a 50-50 outcome. Let it be known, it’s the kind of fight boxing needs for its true hardcore boxing public. A matchup of two solid fighters with clashing styles, equal in weight and ability. It has the possibility of becoming a great fight for the books if these two men are reduced to make it a fight of heart and will.

In one corner we have a young strong prospect stopping at nothing to achieve his goal of becoming champion and the Welterweight kingpin. An accurate boxer/puncher with good condition, devastating power in both hands, quick reflexes, great speed and overall good ring IQ.

In the other corner stands an experienced veteran of the sport who has seen all that there is to be seen in the boxing spectrum. A smart technician who has the aggressive patience to systematically break down his opponents with precise combination punching and an impeccable defense that will frustrate even the most experienced boxer, great snap on his punches and an indestructible determination to win.

I like both men, and whichever one emerges victorious Saturday night will be okay with me. I know this fight has the potential of being a great competitive fight (on paper) and I’m sure it will meet all expectations so the fans will be the real winners on Saturday night.

I predict this fight going the distance in an all-out checkers match. It’ll be a fast pace, smart pressure fight on Spence’s side looking to over-impose his power on Brook’s strong defense in hopes to break it down and make Brook trade with him. If there happens to be knockdowns (which I wouldn’t be surprised), I could see both men dropping each other. Spence will land the flash knockdowns and Brook will land the accumulative knockdowns, due to exhaustion on Spence’s part, in the second half of the fight.

Finally, what makes this fight a very intriguing one to watch is that both men can be considered equally “untested” with a slight advantage going to Brook—simply because Brook has the win over the relentless Shawn Porter, and the loss experience (which I don’t count because he went up in weight for the challenge of a lifetime) that was handed to him by Gennady Golovkin.

Spence only has the win over the B+ fighter Chris Algieri in his record, thus the reason I’m favoring Brook to win. BUT, because both men can still presume to be untested, this will be each other’s shining moment and its under circumstances like these that either man can prevail, one for proving to his hometown why he’s the best in the division and the other because he’s the underdog.

I don’t count any of these two fighters out as I previously stated they both possess the ability to emerge victorious and that’s what I like, not being able to accurately predict a fight because it’s dead even. I hope this fight meets all expectations and good luck to both fighters, let the best man win.

Prediction: Brook


Robert Contreras, Staff Writer

This is a real test for Errol Spence. The talented Texas native showed his class in his first step up against Chris Algieri but Algieri can’t punch, Kell Brook can.

And Brook proved he’s another level in his bouts against top-flight welterweights and middleweights. The Englishman will have his moments, probably jam Spence up with his power jab but it’s Spence’s time.

He’s faster, and hits just as hard. A close, but clear, decision win for Spence sounds right.

Prediction: Spence


Alex Burgos, Editor-in-Chief

Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence is an awesome fight. It’s really exciting when you get two high-level guys facing off in a scrap that is surely a 50/50 matchup going in.

Everyone will tell you that Spence is the goods, and I tend to agree, but there are some things we need to find out about him on Saturday night.

How will he do in hostile territory? If presented with a tough situation–like a knockdown–will he be able to overcome adversity?

These are things Kell Brook can ask of the talented kid from Texas. Brook is as tough as they come, but I think he’d be wise to use his jab, box on the outside and tie Spence up when things get too close.

Avoiding long exchanges on the inside will be tough because the pre-fight talk has been all about standing ground and just battling it out. Brook would be wise to leave that bravado at home.

But, if things get heated on the inside, which I think they eventually will, I see Spence’s powerful combinations being the difference. A true pick ’em fight, but I’m going with Spence by stoppage.

Man Down.

Prediction: Spence

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