Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia

On Thursday, November 17, 2022, both Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia took to social media to confirm their long-awaited clash.

Stephen Espinoza, President, SHOWTIME Sports

“Tank Davis vs. Ryan Garcia is one of the biggest and most exciting fights that can be made in boxing. We have two supremely talented boxers, both in their prime, who have amassed huge fanbases, meeting in a career defining fight. This is the epitome of a crossover boxing event. All credit to Tank and Ryan for staying the course and giving the fans the fight they want.

“SHOWTIME has delivered the three biggest pay-per-view events in television history and we are thrilled to add this marquee event to our list of culture-moving matchups.”

This quote from Oscar De La Hoya was issued earlier today on Twitter

The fans have been crystal clear that the fight they want is Ryan versus Tank. Golden Boy Promotions and I are proud to be leading the drive to get this fight signed and are excited to get a deal finalized ASAP. It’s high time that those outside the ring stop getting in the way of those who want nothing more than to get into the ring and fight. Our motto has always been that the fans come first, and this is just another example of how we’re leading by example.

“As we’ve always said, DAZN will look to broadcast the biggest fights in boxing. We’ve worked tirelessly with our friends at Golden Boy, Showtime and Team Davis on a deal structure that suits all parties for Gervonta vs. Ryan Garcia,” Joe Markowski tweeted. “Everyone at DAZN Boxing is thrilled that an agreement in principle has been reached between the parties. That agreement is subject to contract, which are yet to be exchanged.”

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