Terence Crawford: “I’m Ready to Be the Best in the Division”

Terence Crawford- Mikey Williams
Photo by Mikey Williams

Upon seeing Terence Crawford for the first time, you get an automatic feeling of easiness and calmness radiating from him.

Although looking kind of bummed because he didn’t get to participate in his portion of the open media workout due to his luggage (with all his training gear) being lost at the airport, that didn’t stop him from taking time to give the press some interviews.

Crawford’s humble straight forward personality was as straight forward as this brief interview was.

Round By Round Boxing: How do you feel about fighting in your first HBO PPV event and being the main feature of the night?

Terence Crawford: It’s very exciting, this is what it’s all about. I trained really hard and my weight is on. I was born ready.

RBRBoxing: Is Viktor Postol going to be your toughest opponent?

TC: I don’t know I haven’t fought him yet. I wouldn’t know.

RBRBoxing: Is Postol’s height and reach going to be an issue for this fight?

TC: I’ve sparred bigger, taller fighters. This isn’t the first time I’ve faced someone his size. I’m not worried about the height. I’m ready for whatever. I’m always motivated and working hard.

RBRBoxing: How do you feel about finally fighting for the WBC belt?

TC: This is what I have been working for all these years. I’m looking forward to being victorious. We’re both 28-0, we are ready for anything. We don’t think he’s going to stay and trade with me. He’ll be moving around trying to outbox, but its nothing we haven’t prepared for. With each fight I’ve had I’ve looked great and I want to look spectacular. I’m ready to be the best in the division.

After a few more questions from reporters, Crawford’s trainer Brian McIntyre was asked how sees the fight ending.

“Terence dominates the fight, I think we could stop him in seven or eight. Or it could just go a 12-round decision.”

When Crawford and his team were finished and were heading out, Crawford said out loud “AND THE NEW, Terence Crawford,”

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