The Rise of Contenders: B.A.N.G. Boxing Gym

Bang Boxing

With each era of boxing that passes, a rise of new contenders emerges. It is within boxing gyms worldwide that amateurs prepare for their chance to evolve.

Bang Boxing Gym has their heart set on success and is making their imprint on the Florida amateur boxing scene.

Coach Jimmy Rivera is the founder of this non-profit organization based out of Apopka, Florida.

B.A.N.G is an acronym for Boxing Against Narcotics & Gangs. Rivera’s mission is to mentor and develop youth through the sport of boxing.

This organization provides youth a home away from home. In doing so, children of all backgrounds have the ability to apply themselves, learning structure, self-confidence, team work and commitment.

Although there are many gyms that actively inspire youth through similar means, Bang Boxing Gym applies these values under unique circumstances.

The facility these fighters use to train on a daily basis is a small garage attached to Coach Rivera’s home.

With limited funding, Rivera has acquired what some may consider the bare essentials necessary to achieve this task.

The team members of Bang Boxing Gym utilize outside facilities equipped with boxing rings for some of their sparring sessions.

Despite the shortage of space and equipment, Coach Rivera and his team have been successfully training and competing for one year.

Although at times they utilize others facilities, day-to-day operations including workouts and sparring sessions are accomplished with effectiveness inside their small gym.

Round By Round Boxing had a chance to speak with Coach Jimmy Rivera about his organization and he stated that despite the challenges, his team remains humble and focused on achieving their goals.

Rivera also told us that due to limited funding and space, he currently trains five youth amateur boxers; however he has no plan on turning anyone away.


Coach Rivera told us that despite what others may think, B.A.N.G is succeeding.

This small cohesive team applies the same fundamentals in their small gym just as others do in large extravagant ones.

In addition to training and boxing competitions, Bang Boxing Gym stands out from many other gyms by the way they implement their code of conduct.

Each team member is required to sign a contract that mandates them to maintain acceptable grade performance in school.

In addition, the team members are required to treat and address other competitor’s and community members with respect.  Team members may not engage in any fighting behavior other than training and competition supervised by Coach Rivera.

What Bang Boxing Gym has established is more than a boxing gym; one can consider this a true outreach program. It is organizations like this that truly provide positive structure for youth while continuing to evolve the next generation of future world champions.

With all their current success, imagine just how successful this organization could be in helping more youth with the proper assistance. Unlike many independently owned profitable facilities, Bang Boxing Gym solely depends on donations to keep functioning.

Coach Rivera has expressed that Bang Boxing Gym is in need of equipment and monetary donations to support their cause. It is this type of assistance that creates opportunity for Bang Boxing Gym to provide hope to youth.

For those of you that have ever boxed or been inspired by boxing, you know that this sport creates positive development in many of life’s challenges unrelated to boxing.


Self-confidence, commitment, accountability and decision making are certainly just a few of these attributes.

There is a great debt of gratitude owed to Bang Boxing Gym and other gyms like it around the world.

Many of boxing greatest legends evolved from gyms similar to Bang Boxing Gym. These types of organizations are essential to the great sport of boxing.

It is places like Bang Boxing Gym where contenders rise.


If you would like to provide your support by donating to Bang Boxing Gym, you may visit there site at

All photos courtesy of Bang Boxing Gym

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