Tiara Brown: Patiently Waiting (And Only Getting Better)

Tiara Brown's style is 'protect and serve'. Photo from T. Brown's IG @tbaby125lbs
Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department provide’s Tiara Brown’s livelihood, but faith and boxing give her life

Tiara Brown enjoys her career in law enforcement. Her being a part of the District of Columbia’s Metro PD is intentional – she was drawn to it. In fact, her approach to performing her duties embodies the department’s motto: “We are here to help.”

During a December interview on the Bite Down Boxing podcast Brown’s attitude towards her vocation and respect for her community, and its citizens, dominated the discussion originally intended to introduce fight fans to her talents in the ring. Policing’s status in the U.S. the past few years has been rough, but Brown’s pragmatic manner in dealing with calls to action is the antithesis to what we see in many of the disheartening headlines.


However, with Brown police officer is only half of her story. She’s also a skilled undefeated Super Featherweight with seven wins – and five by knockout. Her devotion to the demanding sport of boxing is intentional as well. The fact that she eagerly sought out both of these dangerous careers almost belies her professed spirituality, but also makes the 30-year old an even more interesting individual. Not many of us begin to really live out the second half of the adage “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Brown might not be well-known in the sport, just yet, but her commitment and dedication to the required hard work is full-time. After fight fans became aware of names in women’s boxing like Claressa Shields, Cecilia Braekhus, Amanda Serrano, Mikaela Mayer, Katie Taylor, Christina Hammer, Hanna Gabriels and even Kali Reis (as a result of her viewed bout with Braekhus) in 2018, hopefully there’s a way for Brown to find her way on to bigger stages in 2019.

Brown’s signing to DiBella Entertainment, in 2018, should result in the culmination of the Florida native at least appearing on the platforms fans learned about fighters like Alicia Napoleon, Alycia Baumgardner, Heather Hardy, and Franchon Crews-Dezurn.

Fight fans will find her style impressive. Brown’s patience in the ring, the set up for her power punches and defense are noticeable. She spoke on her influences during the BDB interview.

“I’ve compiled a lot of different great boxers, their styles, their offense, their defense game. I’ve compiled all that into one boxer, I shook it up, and I just jumped in and I popped. From what every one else tells me, I don’t fight like most of the girls. I fight swagged out.

In addition to looking at great fighters for ways to add to or upgrade her game, Brown is also cognizant of the women she needs to face to realize the achievements in the sport that mean the most to her.

“In due time, which means in ‘lose time’, I wanna fight everyone with a belt, and even those without belts. Anyone that’s in that top listing, I wanna fight them. Everyone who has established themselves, everyone who is talked about, I want to fight them.

Brown last fought back on Saturday, December 8 at Bowie State University where she stopped former world champion Dahianna Santana in the fourth round of a bout scheduled for eight. The early ending was no accident as Brown casually admitted on the podcast that her goal best seven-division champion Amanda Serrano’s TKO8 win versus Santana at Barclays in April 2017.

Until Brown’s ‘lose time’ comes to fruition, and it will, achieving these personal goals will spur her motivation, as she splits her days between the beat and the gym. But, if any of the women in the Top 15 of any of the ABC organizations’ rankings are bench-marking performances too, breaking through in 2019 could remain Team Brown’s most elusive feat. However, once you get to know her, you’ll quickly agree that there’s no keeping a good woman down.

Sounds like Brown will be back in action soon.

Been working since 9am! Fight date coming soon & it’s going 2 be

Header photo taken from Tiara Brown’s IG feed

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